Coton de Tulear


Coton de Tulear, Group XI. - Companion and Toy Dogs

General Appearance:

It's a dog with happy temperament, stable and friendly to other dogs and people. It excels at extraordinary playfulness and is quite docile, but that does not mean that sometimes it has different opinion than owner-what to do.

Temperament & Behaviour:

It needs low strictness as all breeds, to kind and patient attitude during its training. It loves   owner and all family members and it fully deserves all owner’s love. Because it loves to make owner happy, and it is very open-minded, smart and a fast learner, quickly understand what to include and what not. And it has a considerable piece of clown talent. It can perfectly adapt to any environment.

Is ideal companion for lonely elderly people and a member of the extended family living a busy life.It likes moving, settle for shorter walks, but because it is sporty and despite its short legs unexpectedly moving, it may also undergo a longer hiking tours.


This is a small short legged dog with long white hair, touch reminiscent of the fibres inside the cotton capsules. Height at withers related to the length of the body as a 2: 3, which means that the body frame is rectangular. Height at withers for males from 26 to 28 cm and females 23 to 25 cm. Weight of body is from 4 to 6 kg in males and 3.5 - 5 kg for females.

The head is short, seen from above triangular shape. Its length is the length of the body as a 2: 5. skull when viewed from the front, slightly arched above, the length is the length of muzzle like 9: 5 and in relation to it is relatively very broad. Brow ridges are less pronounced

The eyes are rather round, dark in colour, with lively and intelligent expression, apart deposited in orbit. The eyelid rims should be ticked, the colour of nose black or brown.

The neck is very muscular, slightly arched in the nape, firmly embedded in the shoulder. Its length is the length of the hull as 1:5. The skin on it fits tightly to the skeletal muscle and subcutaneous tissue, throat must not be even a hint lobe. The back is firm, slightly arched.

The tail should be set low, the line of the croup. At rest the hocks and its tip is slightly curved upwards. Over the motion is carried, "cheerful", i.e. The curved above the upper line of the body, with the tip directed the nape, the withers, the back or the loin. The dogs with rich coat the tip of tail, called (i.e. Hair on it) touch the back or loin. The chest should be capacious, long and deep so that it reaches to the elbows.

Coat is considered an important breeding character must be very soft and silky, similar to the fibres of cotton, should never be harsh or rough. It is always dense, rich and can be slightly wavy. Its basic colour must be white, traces of light gray or yellowish stippling are permitted on the earlobes. On other parts of the body tolerated if they do not disturb the overall impression of white colouring, but there are not acceptable and certainly they are not preferred at dog show.

Faults include above flat, not arched, narrow skull, the disparity between the length of skull and muzzle, eyes bright, bold almond-shaped, bulging, entropion, ectropion, earlobes too short, short hair or backward folded neck very short, stuffy from the shoulders ("thrust into the arms") or weak upper body lines too arched or saddled, stern horizontal or narrow.