Spanish Water Dog


Spanish Water Dog - Group VIII - Flushing, Retrievers and Water Dogs.

General Appearance:

It is intelligent, loyal, obedient, cheerful, hardworking, brave, friendly, balanced, active, lively, alert and intelligent dog. If necessary, it can behave itself mannerly and dignity. It gets well with children. Because it is very playful, often initiates play with other dogs or people, and this "challenge" to the game it is necessary, if only for a few moments (formally) it accepts.

To strangers it is reserved, but in any case it does not show any sign of fear. Any propensity for viciousness directed against strangers and unfamiliar dogs, it is necessary and possible to successfully dampen already in the bud, in socialization and education.

This dog loves agility which suits it the best, it is also possible to train the dog for rescuing, searching for narcotics, explosives, or canistherapy. It is versatile for all work, it is very good at hunting waterfowl and also as a shepherd and defender, its defensive instinct is significant. It is socially based and the owner and his family it is totally dedicated. It gets well with small pets. Originally it is used as a Shepherd and assistant hunters and fishermen.


The education is relatively easy, if owner respects the basis rules of kind consistency. The owner, however, should be decisive, resolute and consistent, gifted natural authority. Thanks to the extraordinary comprehension is this breed very docile and, moreover, extremely adaptable to all situations and under all conditions. It excels in cleverness and easy trainability.

For cohabitation with other pets it needs to be systematic socialization and it must know them from an early age. This breed loves swimming, but also it needs some mental work. The coat requires occasional care.


Spanish Water Dog is a robust athletic dog m with long skull, unusual appearance and short rectangular body frame. Powerfully muscle development is the result of a regular workload. Height at withers, dog is  44 to 50 cm and  female is  from 40 to 46 cm with a tolerance of +2 cm in the case of all bodily proportions. Weight of body, male is 18-22 kg, female is from 14 to 18 kg.

The head is massive, elegantly supported. The skull is flat above, occipital part must be little noticeable. When viewed from the side, the top lines of the skull in the imaginary extension of the line of the muzzle. The frontal slope (stop) should be gradual. An outline of the muzzle when viewed from the side is straight.

The nose has the same colour as the darkest shade of hair colour, or is something deeper. The nostrils should be open enough. Lips are  tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth. Oral corners are significant. The teeth must be properly shaped, white, canines very powerful.

Eyes should be oblique, very significant. The conjunctiva must not be apparent. The earlobes are moderately high set, hanging, triangular in shape.

The neck should be short, very muscular, with a neck without dewlap, firmly embedded in the shoulder. The body is sturdy, upper body straight line, tap barely noticeable, back straight and firm, slightly sloping croup. The chest should be broad and deep, formed by well sprung ribs. The abdomen is slightly tucked.

The forelegs are strong and vertical to ground. Shoulders should be oblique and well muscled. The shoulder bones are strong, elbows close to your chest and pointing straight backwards, must be either turned in or out. Forearms should be straight, strong as well as very short pastern. Feet are round, toes tight, padded strong claws can be any colour.

The hindquarters must be viewed from the rear, completely straight when viewed from the side, moderately angulated very powerfully muscled. Thighs long and muscular, legs strong, hocks low above the substrate, insteps short, lean, vertical to ground. Feet should be the same as the forequarters.

The tail should be moderately high set and docked between the 2nd and 4th vertebrae. Some individuals, they have a congenitally short.

Skin should be flexible, soft and fits tightly to the skeletal muscle and skin. It can be just as visible mucous pigmented black or brown or non-pigmented, according to the coat colour. Hair should always be curly, woolly. Even if it is short, must form curls. If the long form little cords its cutting is permitted may be reduced uniformly throughout the body, but the beauty cut is inadmissible. The texture of the coat resists both water and heat. Perfectly dog protects against extreme weather.

Hair colouring can be uniformly white, black or brown (various shades), or black-and-white or brown-white. The colour of the iris, nut-brown to maroon, must match the colour of the coat.