Poodle Multicoloured


N - Poodle Multicoloured - FCI recognized breeds.


It has to be a dog of a reasonable size, square body frame. There are three sizes, Standard -height at withers is 38 cm (no upper limit), Miniature-height at withers is 25.5 - 38 cm and a Toy - height at withers is  to 25.5 cm.

The head must match the total size of the individual. When viewed from the side, the top lines of the skull in the imaginary extension of roughly parallel with the line of the muzzle. The frontal slope (stop) will be gradual, but noticeable. The skull is elongated above moderate spring.

The muzzle is approximately as long as the skull. It's subtle but deep enough with such a strong jaw, so that when viewed from the side was not pointed. Weak lower jaw is a defect. Lip edges adjacent to the jaws and teeth are black or brown according to coat colour. Intermittent pigmentation is considered a fault. Teeth should be complete, scissors, unwanted is overshot or undershot jaw. The nose may be black or brown, depending on coat colour. Incomplete nose pigmentation and colouration inadequate coat colour is faulty.

The eyes are oval in shape, eye rims should be black or brown according to the coat. Individuals with hair colour in different shades of brown eyes may be dark amber in colour, others must be dark. Round bulging, oversized or light coloured eyes are considered a defect as well as a broken pigmentation of the eyelid margins or mismatched colour coat.

The earlobes should be set slightly below eye line, hanging, long, adjacent to the head, covered with long, rich and thick hair. The neck should be long enough and strong and has to carry his head high enough and both in attitude and in motion. Throat is required without dewlap.

Topline body behind the withers and decreases towards the rear continues horizontally. The chest must be seen from the front appropriately broad and deep, ribs near the spine strongly sprung and long, so that it was up to the elbows. Last extend well back.

The forelegs are straight when viewed from front parallel to each other, properly boned and muscled properly. The force is corresponding to the size of the individual. Shoulders should be muscular surface, not bulged, blades forming the substrate must be long and moderately oblique, steeply angulated would defect. The shoulder bone should be as long as the shoulder blade. Elbows close to the chest, their tops are viewed from the exact vertical line running to the top of the withers. Pasterns should be strong when viewed from the side slightly askew.

The hindquarters are muscular and angulations correspond to forequarters. Hocks should be low to the ground in position, they are short and strong instep vertical to ground when viewed from behind should be parallel to each other. Feet must be relatively small, oval shaped, "closed", with arched toes and flexible padded. They may not be turning in or out. The nails are short, dark colours or a single colour with coat. Splayed paws are considered a severe defect.

The loin should be short, broad and muscled, moderately arched. Croup is almost equal. The tail should be high, straight, usually docked, the length corresponding to the size of the individual. In position, so the move is carried upward. Low set, curled over the back or twisted tail defect.

The coat should be rough, thick and curly. For the exhibition purposes may be left in their natural condition, in cord or regulated by any standard defined cut. Grooming a Poodle Multicolour is truly inseparable. It is certainly not easy and simple. Besides certain skill and practice it also requires plenty of aesthetic creativity.