Russkaya Cvetnaja Bolonka


Non FCI - Russkaya Cvetnaja Bolonka.

General Appearance:

It is a typical companion dog, moving, sensitive, gentle and highly dependent on the owner. It is suitable for even the smallest urban apartments.  It loves comfort, which it can perfectly enjoy. It needs tight, if possible permanent contact with the owner or its family members. It is not happy when it is at home alone. It excels in intelligence, with extraordinary pleasure to cuddle and it is very cute. It does not spoil any fun clown and it has undeniable talent.

Due to size it easily travels it is very flexible, so it can go with owner, e.g. for the holidays, in an unfamiliar environment it is happy, especially if it can be with "its" people. It is conversely very inappropriate and insensitive for this breed "staying" at friends or pet hotel during the holiday without its people. It is suitable for children, but also for the elderly owner.

Training / Behaviour:

The education it must be gentle, loving, but like every other dog with consistent approach. It must never be betrayed  by rough conduct.

It is very vital. It likes walking. Coat requires regular care, as well as the need to constantly take care of the cleanliness of eyes and external auditory canal, depending on the environment. Hair on the head with handcuffs bow into tufts (ponytail) on top to interfere in the eye.


This is a small, short-legged dog with long hair on the entire body, including the head and distal parts of limbs, dry constitutional type slightly rectangular body frame. Height at withers is 20-25 cm (must not be greater than 28 cm), weight is in the range of 1.5 - 4 kg.

The head is relatively small, round skull (arched above). The frontal slope (stop) to be steep, the muzzle must be shorter than the skull, lean toward the nose slightly narrower. The nose should be black or the colour matches the colour of its coat. At prized brown coat colour should be a deep chocolate brown or liver. Permitted is scissor bite, pincer or tight undershot jaw.

The eyes are round, but not protruding, with the iris colour is matching coat colour. The earlobes should be suspended, at the base to lift the product by making the head, and covered with long hair. The neck is moderately long, carried high.

Body has to be slightly elongated, broad chest, consisting of well-sprung ribs. The back must be straight, shoulders are short, slightly arched, croup is gently sloping and belly moderately tucked up. Legs seen from the front and back parallel to each other, with small oval shaped paws. The tail should be high set, carried upward and inclining over the stern and shoulders so that the tip touches the hull.

The hair is all over the body as long, soft, silky smooth, curly or wavy, glossy, forming large curls. The undercoat should be thick and soft, too soft (woolly) coat is undesirable. Hair colouring can be any single colour except pure white.