American Toy Terrier


N - FCI recognized breeds.

General Appearance:

Although it was created for the purpose of hunting, today it is primarily a small companion dog suitable even for the smallest urban apartments. It excels in tremendous agility, presence of mind and determination. It is energetic, lively, tough, cheerful and witty, always optimistic, and its size is relatively strong. It is not easily scared by the others, even much larger pets. Often it is very funny, it is playful throughout its live and it lives generally longer than most other similar breeds.

Its owner loves immensely and it is completely loyal and faithful. It boasts an extremely playful and loves children. Despite its size acts as a courageous defender and typical Terrier. It is intelligent, smart, agile, quick, inquisitive, fearless, teachable, adaptable and hardy, usually willingly and with pleasure it trains for competition obedience, flyball, agility.


Even with this small breed it is essential kind, but absolutely relentless consistency. Although it might seem that it is not dog for everyone. Persons who are inconsistent, often changing views or whimsical, this owner will never bring up this dog as companion one.


This is a small dog square body frame. Weight of body should be from 1.6 to 3.2 kg. Length of head, neck and limbs must match the body length and depth of chest. The head should be very typical. When viewed from the front or from the side it is roughly the shape of a truncated cone, when viewed from the front, gradually expanding almost smooth lines from the nose to the base of the ears.

The length of muzzle and length of the skull corresponds to the overall length and head size. The skull is moderately wide and slightly arched above. Toward the nose muzzle gradually narrows. Nose black, the puppies are born usually with a pink nose. Stop is steep. Cheeks are muscled surface, under the eyes filled.
Lips are tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth. Teeth should be complete. Teeth are strong, white. Scissor bite pincer however must be admissible. Missing teeth is not a failure at any age if the bite is correct.

Dark colour, the more saturated the better. They should be as clear and sparkling, soft, intelligent expression, round shape. Slightly protruding, but may not be bulging, must be perfectly stored in an orbit far enough apart.

Ears are erect atop the pointed shape of the letter "V", set rather close together, but so that they do not touch. In alertness and movement must always be upright, they match the size of the head and body.

The neck is dry, the neck slightly arched, elegant, roughly as long as the head of a proportion equivalent to the size of the individual. Towards shoulders broadening gradually and smoothly goes into them.

The body is a compact, balanced and away from the shoulders to the groin reasonably rolling up diminishing slightly. The back should be short and strong. Topline body must be flat and solid, seamlessly extends from the neck over the back, shoulders and rump to the root of the tail. Chest forms properly sprung ribs. It is so deep that it reaches the elbows or just above them. The imaginary cross-section has an oval shape and proportion corresponds to the total size of the individual.

Shoulders forelegs combine effortlessly neck and the body. Shoulders are oblique. Loose parts are seen from the side straight from the elbow to the foot. They are straight, must not be turned in or out when viewed from the front are spaced appropriately distant position must not be overly broad or too narrow. The strength of their bones corresponds to the size of the individual. Elbows close to the body, must not be turned in or out. Wrists are flexible, strong pasterns and straight, dewclaws are advised to remove.

The hindquarters must be strong, nicely rounded buttocks on both sides of the tail and lower leg properly muscled, appropriate length. Knees should be clear and moderately angulated as well as the ankle. When viewed from behind should be the knee and ankle on one vertical line with paws and both limbs must be parallel.

Bone strength corresponds to the size of the individual. The dewclaws should be removed, paws are oval shaped, compact, with arched toes and tough, rigid padded.
Bumps iliac wings are level with the top line of the body, or just beneath, the pelvis has an adequate width and depth. Croup is strong and muscular, free from any weakness. No hump back, strong muscles of the hip goes smoothly on the femur and tibia.

The tail is short, set on high, at the level of the upper body lines, in the heat of passion and movement carried ever upward and gaily above the top line of the body. The rest is carried underneath, 2.5 times the original length so that it has in individuals aged 6 months and over a length from 2.5 to 7.5 cm.

The coat is short and glossy, soft and smooth to the touch, uniformly covers the entire body. Anywhere on body may not be bald spots. Slightly longer on the top side of the neck and shoulders, the underside of the fuselage, the inside of the chest and the lower part of the rear legs are at least sparsely feathered, but they may never be completely bald.

Coat colour, predominantly white, must be elegant, balanced and fine. At the head of the white colour predominates, which means that white may just be the smaller half. It is permissible colour or tricolour and bicolour. The earlobes are black from the back of a black pinstripe is also on their inside edges. Tan points must be on the cheeks and / or on the muzzle and the eyes. In the face may not be a white "blaze". White "bloom" at the end of the muzzle is permissible as dots on the trunk and extremities predominant white with black spots or without them. Dotting the white areas is permissible if the predominant white colour. Preferably black stains no rusty or brownish tint.