Fox Terrier Smooth


Fox Terrier Smooth - Group III - Terriers, Section 1 - Large-medium sized.

General Appearance:

Character is friendly, helpful, absolutely fearless, cheerful, extrovert like all Terriers, optimistic, inquisitive, but also tough and confident at all times. It excels in intelligence, cunning, too. If it does not do what you are asking it, it is difficult enough to persuade dog to do it.

It is also extremely playful, ideal companion for children during the games, even though they are a bit wilder. It's very generous. In a pinch, if it has enough toys it can play by itself (eg. With ball), which is necessary, it can avoid boredom. In the garden it likes to burrow and dig, "burrow", who loves gardening it is usually not suitable breed for lovers of gardening. There must be limited fence where the burrowing is permitted.

Temperament/ Behaviour:

If it does not respect the commands, it lets you know that "absolutely it does not know and does not understand what's going on." Any intervention or even harder force is not an option would harden. Equally difficult it is to distract it by a mere prohibition from what is firmly decided to do. Although it obeys and it is well behaved dog, but it will be certainly sooner or later, in an unpredictable moment to try again. Therefore, it is suitable only for owners who are quiet, patient and consistent enough; it suits them, dog´s relentless ubiquity immense agility. It is suitable for some people slightly choleric foundation (if you are aware of). You could have for its character always enough understanding. With cats and others and mall pets it   can tolerate with if dog had the opportunity to fully acquainted at an early age under the appropriately broad socialization.


This active and lively dog fixed frame is small, but reasonably strong, but they should never be rude or cumbersome, overly leggy or too short-legged. The overall attitude reminds habit to hunt using riding horse, good body, "meshing a lot of land," with a short back. Weight of body is for male 7.5 - 8 kg, females 7 - 7.5 kg.

The head is as flat skull, which is reasonably narrow and towards the eyes, slightly narrowing. Under the eyes should not be too excavated (sunken). The frontal slope (stop) is only slightly noticeable, gradual. Muzzle be purely modelled so that its straight line position toward the nose converged slightly, may be wedge-shaped, end sharply pointed. The nose is black.

The jaws are powerful, the bottom should be well muscled, but the cheeks must be flat. It requires a perfect regular and complete scissor bite - 6 upper incisors closely overlapping down ones 6, both of which must be embedded in the jaws.

Eyes should be dark, relatively small, the roundest and in no case should not be prominent. Their expression is keen and intelligent. The earlobes are small "V" reasonably strong, forward-banked, tight-fitting inner edges of the cheeks. Desktop may not be hung on the sides of the head. Their bend should be above the upper line of the skull.

The neck must be clean and muscular, without dewlap at the throat, appropriately long. Towards the shoulder is slowly expanding. Back short, straight and solid, without the slightest sign of weakness. Loins are strong, very slightly arched. The tail is docked (in countries where this procedure is not prohibited by law on protection of animals). It is rather high, carried gaily, but not from the root flipped over the stern and shoulders or twisted. When docked, must be adequately strong, if it remains naturally long, should be as straight as possible, medium length and overall balance individual needs.

Chest is deep but not wide. The first ribs are slightly sprung rear extend far backwards. The distance between the last rib and the front edge of the thigh should be short. The forelegs must be viewed from either side straight, strong in bone from the elbows to the toes. Shoulders should be long, slanting, so that their tops upwards and backwards and produce a distinctive faucet. Forearms are straight, parallel to each other, strong bones. Flow into the wrist. These are just a few obvious or completely nondescript. Feet should be small, rounded and compact („closed"), to adequately arched toes and rough and tough padded. They may be neither turned in nor out.

The hindquarters are strong and muscular, should never be buckled (bent). Thighs should be long and strong, properly bent knees, hocks low to the substrate. Hock is straight when viewed from behind and parallel to each other when viewed from the side vertical to ground. Feet are required small, circular shaped, ie. With tight, moderately arched toes. They may be neither turned in nor out. The pads are rough and tough.

For movements tend chest and hind legs straight forward and should be parallel to each other. Elbows may neither deviate nor yaw. They have to be sticking chest, freely movable. Also, your knees should be neither in nor out, neither in nor out. Hocks should not be too close, cow are extremely undesirable. Flexible hindquarters must be a source of abundant forward driving force (a huge reflection).

Coat is straight, smooth, adjacent area, hard and dense. Belly must be bare as well as the inner thighs. In the coat colour should prevail white colour. Permitted colouring is uniformly white, white with tan, black and tan or black markings. Badges are brindle, red or liver highly undesirable.