Maltese-Group XI - Companion and Toy Dogs

General Appearance:

Its character is a lively, open-minded, intelligent and docile, sensitive, and to its owner it is unconditionally loyal. It must live in an apartment in close contact with the owner and members of his family, where it feels to be a full member. It loves "its people" wholeheartedly and it is grateful for any attention that it can get. It would be unfortunate if it is neglected or even if it feels forgotten. It commences, however, at all times with dignity and when you have no time, it can wait never bothers.

It has its pride, and its behaviour is truly aristocratic. Owner must never  be ashamed with this breed in society. It commences a distinguished and with appropriate refinement.   It is courage or playfulness, but these features can occur only where it is appropriate. At home it can be cheerful, active and even watches, everything unusual and unknown voices, it is barking, though otherwise it does not definitely bark. It is child-friendly and well tolerated in various small pets.


The education needs like any other dog, it must be of course coherent but entirely kind. Perhaps only a cruel man could physically punish the dog for minor transgressions against the bon ton which cannot be committed just a warning voice with a distinctly reproachful reproving or intonation. Shooting, moreover it is not unnecessary this breed can hear well or it would not be unnecessarily harsh punishment. It deserves huge love, it does not mean that it should be spoiled then it would not be so nice and "sweet".

It is suitable for beginners, if they can be consistent. Who would have thought that Maltese just spends all day at home on the couch or on the pillow, it is mistake. Convenience it can enjoy, but it likes to move, though, if necessary, it is satisfied even with shorter walks. It is happy when, weather is nice. It can walk longer and variegated any game, even with the ball. It can surprises with mobility and excellent jumping abilities.


This is a small dog a longer body frame, body covered by a long flowing white hair. It is extremely elegant and it stands proud and noble head carriage. Length of body exceeds by about 38% of the height at the withers male is 21 to 25 cm , female is 20 to 23 cm, weight of body is from 3 to 4 kg.

The head is the skull quite broad its width is slightly more than half of its total length. It is equal to 6/11 height at withers. Skull should be slightly longer than the muzzle, bizygomatic width, measured at the widest possible level, arch zygomatic arches is equal to the length of the skull, and therefore must be greater than 1/2 total head length. In the longitudinal direction is very slightly elongated egg-shaped (ovoid) shape.

The nose should be an extension of the nasal bridge, and when viewed from the front vertical profile. It must be filled with open nostrils, rounded and absolutely black. Teeth should be white, appropriately large. A full scissor bite and complete dentition is required.

The eyes should be open, lively and attentive expression, larger than would be expected in dogs of this size, rather circular shape. They may never be deeply embedded (sunken), rather they have slightly beyond that they are almost at the level of the forehead. When viewed from the front cannot be seen the white part of eye. The iris is dark amber colour. Eyelids tightly fitting to the eyeballs and black rimmed.

The earlobes are roughly triangle shape.  Their width is about 1/3 of their length. They are set high above the zygomatic arch, close to the cheeks.

Upper body lines must be equal to the tail. Withers are slightly above it emerges. Croup is a smooth continuation of the line of back and loins are very long and wide, sloping, so that when viewed from the side forms with the horizontal angle of 10 °.

The tail is set in level with the croup, thick at the root and fine at the end. Its length is approximately 60% of the height at the withers. It is supported so as to form one large arc. Its end is facing the hips touching the tip of the stern. It may also be directed to one or other side of the body.

The chest is large, so its perimeter is about 2/3 larger than height at withers, and so profound that reaching below elbows. Feet should be round with well-knit and arched toes. The pads should be black like claws at least they should at least be dark.

Skin fits well in all parts of the body to skeletal muscle and subcutaneous tissue, pigment spots forming on her black and burgundy colour, especially on the back. The edges of eyelids and lips and nictitating membrane in the inner eye corners are black.

The coat is thick, shiny, "heavy", flowing, silky texture, very long on the whole body and the whole length without a hint of curl or curl. On the trunk it should be longer than height at withers and coincides to the ground as a tight-fitting jacket, which is not stirred up, or does not fluff or wool. These are only acceptable on the forequarters from the elbow to the foot and hind knees to feet. The undercoat is completely absent. On the head the coat is very long as the face, where it mingles with the beard and on the skull, which coincides with the hair on the earlobes. On the tail, the hairs fall back to one side of the body and the weakness of the thigh and has been so long that reaching the hock. The coat should be pure white, pale ivory tinge is permitted.

Defects include sided strabismus (squint) and a body length in excess of 43% height at withers. The serious defects belong down faced (arched bridge of the nose), pronounced undershot lower or upper jaw (if it spoils the outer appearance of the muzzle) height at withers by male larger than 26 cm and smaller than 19 cm, height at withers by females height than 25 cm and smaller than 18 cm.