Australian Cattle Dog with a short tail


Australian Cattle Dog with a short tail Group I. - Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, Section 2 - Cattle dogs. Recognized in 2005

General Appearance:

Australian Cattle Dog with a short tail temperament refers to the founding of the Australian Cattle Dog. In country of its origin still applies mainly as a working breed, but gradually it is becoming, not only in Australia, also excellent social dog. It is adaptable, courageous, manageable, docile and alert, attentive, very intelligent, reliable, extremely hardworking and incredibly durable.

Temperament & Behaviour:

Australian Cattle Dog with a short tail is totally devoted to its owners and its responsibilities. At work it begins energetically and actively, it is calm and reasonable, courageous and very strict to itself.

Its education and training, there are no special problems, it is very docile and learn to love. It willingly fulfils orders, but its owner should have some previous experience with education and training dogs. It is absolutely essential in raising kind, but fierce strictness.

Compared with its closest relatives will be with it probably to be expected with a maximum aloofness and even more incredulity towards all strangers. Therefore, it should be if it is to truly become a companion dog, from early youth but continuously socialized. To the   other dogs is friendly, if it knows if it does not know them. It does not play to strange dogs.

It needs a lot of movement, it must always something to do. Locked up alone in an apartment can get bored and move to the devastation. It should go out with it for long walks on a leash at a regular pace, it can also run at the wheel, retrieve objects. Suitable for it different dog sports, for example. Agility, frisbee, flyball, etc., Which allows him to drain as much power. Because it is diligent and honest work, it is successful in competitions. It can also be a reliable and avalanche rescue dog. On walks, it can run freely, does not tend to roam, however, you must be sure about calling it back.


It's a working dog balanced physique, rather square body frame, adequate strength and somewhat rustic look. From its exterior must be clear that lasts for a long time held the most difficult job. Boasts an extremely solid bite. The height at withers male is 46-51 cm for female is 43 to 48 cm.

The skull is among the earlobes broad, flat, towards the eyes narrowing slowly. Front slope has to be gradual, but distinct. The cheeks are muscular, but may not be rough (sideways bulging). The skull is well filled (not be lapsed) under the eyes. The muzzle should be moderately long, at the end bluntly pointed. Nose must be black, regardless of coat colour. The earlobes should be quite small, raised a top a slightly tapered, high and far apart, adequate thickness.

Strong jaws, teeth should be fairly large, healthy and regular in its jaws. Requires a scissor bite. The eyes are oval in shape, of moderate size, dark brown in colour, with lively and intelligent expression. They may never be neither round nor protruding.

The neck is extremely strong, muscular, medium length, the arched neck, with the neck without dewlap. Towards the shoulder is expanding. The length is equal to the height at the withers. The back is straight, broad and strong, they muscled shoulders and powerful.

The tail must be congenitally short, no longer than 10 cm. It should never be docked. It sets high but not carried too high above the topline of the body.

The chest must have adequate depth and width. Ribs should be in the upper part sharply, and in the lower half of moderately sprung. The forelegs are strong, muscular, viewed from either side perfectly straight. Shoulders should be sturdy, muscular and sloping so that their tops upwards and backwards. Elbows neither turned in nor out, pointing straight backwards.

The hindquarters should be powerful, strong and muscular properly. The thighs should be powerful, reasonably knees bent, hocks strong, properly bent. Feet should be round, "closed", strong, properly and tightly arched toes and tall padded. The nails are strong, short, dark colours. Movement is very important, must be flawless and meaty, pointing straight forward and be free, supple and tireless.

The top coat should be relatively short, straight, dense, medium density, undercoat short, dense, soft. Colouration can be uniformly blue (blue colour impression is formed by uniformly mixing the colours of hair of black, grey and white) or blue merle. The head can be black markings on the body are black markings also permitted. It is also allowed red merle colour with deeper red markings on the head or without them. Red markings on the body are acceptable. The undercoat must be neither white nor cream.

Faults from the above standard requirements must be considered as defects and evaluated according to the degree of expression with regard to health and well-being. Serious fault is brown or light-coloured nose, pink eye rims, overshot or undershot jaw, tail longer than 10 cm, excessive or insufficient muscled shoulders, straight shoulders, weak elbows, wrists and feet, steep angulation of hind legs, hind the extremities to the "O" (barrel) or "X" (as the cow), pink or white nails white or cream coloured undercoat. Next negative defects are aggression and excessive fearfulness, docked tail and tan markings on the coat colour.