Bouvier des Ardennes


Bouvier des Ardennes Group I. - Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, Section 2 - Cattle Dogs with working trial. Recognized in 1963.

General Appearance:

The Bouvier des Ardennes is a hardy and resistant breed of rustic appearance, perfectly adapted to life in the countryside and the hard work of herding dog. It's a dog very hardworking, extremely smart, obedient and industrious and literally happy thrive if it is given the tasks entrusted to perform to the satisfaction of the owner or herder. It can reliably guide and guard the cattle in driving longer distances, it has enough strength, speed and endurance and it leads superbly.

Temperament & Behaviour:

It is always close to its owner, perfectly obedient to the suspicious strangers, wary and quite sharp watcher. During training, the owner must try managed it to keep its attention. Bouvier des Ardennes training must be fun, it does not want to own, should not be forced again and again to repeat one and the same command, especially thrive if given, obviously it deems unnecessary. Required is a positive stimulation, which may offer the snack or also games that it likes.

Bouvier des Ardennes trains actually often where no respectively. May not be- when accompanying e.g. a group of people  walking out, suffers badly to be separated from them ,one running out, lagged etc., is happiest when  everyone is  together nicely.

It is getting a well on with children, but they must be used it from early age and they have to respect it, they can do with it what they want. With domestic animals generally have no problems if more of them, however, it tends to hunt them all together as a herd. Conflicts with other dogs it does not cause.
This breed can live as a companion breed, but it feels better in the country. The owner should have some previous experience with dogs, the breed is most suitable for beginners. Bouvier des Ardennes needs  the owner with some experience, kind but utterly strictness, naturally gifted authority capable of it if necessary violently applied ie. The persistent and patient, who can empathize with its soul. What is it important is early socialization and systematic strictness in training.

It is challenging to move and if it is properly trained, it may be where it was in no danger (eg. far enough away from busy roads and in places where it cannot be shot by hunters on purpose of poaching), unleashed freely, must respect call back.


Height at withers Bouvier des Ardennes is about 60 cm, its body weight should be between 22-25 kg.

The head is massive, fairly short, frontal slope should be gradual. The muzzle should be short, broad, with prominent sideburns and a beard. Above the eyes, eyebrows form a coat. Lips tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth.

The eyes are dark, the whites while looking straight ahead must be seen. Earlobes not cropped, cannot be suspended. Ears may be pricked, forward or sides dropped, with the raised at bases, it is a proof of its origin.

The neck should be short, strong and firm. The body shall be neither excessively long nor too short. Topline of body straight, back strong and broad as the shoulders and croup. The chest should be broad and deep, formed properly sprung ribs, the abdomen should be tucked up appropriately. Legs are strong with rounded compact paws.

The tail may be either congenitally short or docked (in countries where this act is prohibited by law on protection of animals).

The hair is coarse, bristling, hairs are about 5 cm long. On the head and distal portions of the extremities coat tends to be shorter undercoat is very dense. Coat requires regular maintenance. It is acceptable to any coat colour.

Faults are persistent dewclaws on hind legs and it is also gilded colour of the iris.