Australian Kelpie


Australian Kelpie Group I. Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, Section 1 - Sheepdogs with working trial Recognized in the 1870s.

General Appearance:

Australian Kelpie is always very attentive and highly intelligent, eager and quick to learn, with an almost enthusiastic energy, faithful and devoted to owner. Thanks to deploy it sometimes seems to be working more for pleasure than for the satisfaction of the owner. In fact, it registers and immediately realizes owner´ s every slightest instruction, even at very great distances.

It is used as an excellent companion, dog lovers enjoy its convenient size, agility, intelligence, accommodating and friendly relationship with the owner and members of its family, alertness, energetic misconduct and balanced character, as well as the adaptability of the work from it asks.

Temperament & Behaviour:

Australian Kelpie tendency to be "one-man dog." Obviously when it is strictness it is easily trainable, suitable for beginners. Next to it is necessary to count with some dominance, future owner must be nice and strictness.

If properly it is socialized, it loves children, no problems with other dogs and it is well tolerated even with cats. It is absolutely not aggressive toward people, if necessary, it is ready owner and his family defends. Unknown persons usually reports by barking and, if so it, can be vigilant watchdog.

It needs some other activity, such as training and regular training for competitions in agility, flyball, frisbee and others. It has innate talent for working with sheep, both in open space - in the pasture and in a confined space - in the fence.

It can adapt to any lifestyle, with the exception comfortable and lazy, it frustrates it and such lead to boredom and destructive behaviour. It must be both balanced physical and mental side


General appearance Australian Kelpie is active dog of exceptional quality work, which is heavily muscled, has flexible legs and the ability to work tirelessly.

Australian Kelpie cannot be too thin, any defects in the structure or nature of which is detrimental to its working utilization, must be considered as atypical character. Height at withers is for male 46 to 51 cm and females 43 to 48 cm.

Head size corresponds to the total size of the dog and its shape and contoured lines resemble the head of foxes. Skull should be slightly arched above the earlobes broad forehead line runs straight up to the front slope that is steep. The earlobes are set well apart, erect, medium size, pointed at the ends gently, and heavily coated on the inner sides.

Cheeks may be neither coarse nor arched and rounded pass into the muzzle. It should be evident, rather slightly shorter than the skull. The nose has a colour matching the coat colour. The lips are firm and dry, must not be even a little loose or pendulous. Teeth should be healthy, desirable scissor bite.

The eyes should be almond shaped, medium size, with fixed eye corners and intelligent, zealous expression, brown in colour - corresponding to coat colour. In blue colour when it is acceptable lighter coloured eye.

The neck is of moderate length, strong in the neck slightly arched, without throatiness. Neck flows into the shoulders, body length is measured from the point of buttock chest to the pelvis and it is bigger than the height at withers. Topline body should be firm, straight, shoulders are strong and very muscular croup is rather long and steep.

The tail is still hanging, slightly arched upward curved, in motion or in the heat of passion can be carried higher, but it never interferes with the vertical line passing through its root. It is s Bushy deployed in the line of the croup, and is roughly the hock.

The chest must be deep rather than wide, formed properly sprung ribs. The forelegs are muscular, straight. Pasterns when viewed from the side slightly sloped, which provides the ability to quickly change direction.

Hindquarters are broad, strong and straight. Your knees should be bent properly. Feet rounded, thick, tightly closed and adequately arched toes, padded high and short, strong nails. Movement should be virtually unlimited endurance.

Coat should be medium length and is completely waterproof. On average, the hair at the body length 2-3 cm. Coat colour can be black, black and tan, red, brown and tan, fawn, chocolate brown and smoky blue.

Faults from the above standard requirements must be considered as defects and evaluated according to the degree of expression with regard to health and well-being. Serious fault is a sign converging and diverging hocks, loose shoulders or knitting and crossing limbs during movement. Defect is excessively long or too short hair.