Pug Group IX. - Companion and Toy Dogs, Section 11 - Small Molossian type Dogs.

General Appearance:

Its character is a dog with immense charm, affectionate and sociable, strongly fixed to the owner and its family members. Not in any case in outdoor pens it must live permanently with the people, only then it can be happy and make you happy. It is extremely sensitive to the mood prevailing in the family, it can appreciate the attention it is devoted to its people.

Despite almost always dignified behaviour it can be playful, cheerful and cute. It is intelligent, balanced, flexible and full of life. It plays with kids well and with other domestic pets and even strangers it is friendly, too.

Temperament & Behaviour:

Education must be of course consistent, but kind and gentle. No penalties except to reprimand accusing markedly (never be angry or menacing) Intonation (without increasing its intensity!) it is required.

Due to its size can live in a small city apartment. In sleep is slightly audible (snores). Particular attention should be paid to it in the summer heat, especially if it is simultaneously high humidity, when it faces difficulty in breathing. It should have the option at the time, except for the necessary and abbreviated walks quietly relax in a relatively cool place. In the summer, when transporting over long distances by car without air conditioning to be reckoned with frequent breaks, possibility of rest in the shade and drink not very cold water.

Despite pudgy body is Mops agile so it can participate after proper training and compete in agility or obedience. Due to its willingness to cooperate and meet the owner trains under favourable climatic conditions, because it is for it a mental work.

During the training, as well as in education, it must be approached with the utmost gentleness. Necessary is also positive stimulation in the form of enthusiastic praise to reward in case of success or joyful encouragement when everything does not go as it should be.


It's a small dog burly body and decidedly quadratic body frame, stocky and well proportioned, tightly muscled. Presents "Multum in parvo" (cardinality in small). Weight of body is from 6.3 to 8.1 kg.

The head is large, round, but not apple. The skull is not hollow, the skin on it constitute distinct wrinkles.

Desirable is a small adjoining undershot jaw, as extremely undesirable is considered irregular or wry mouth, like tongue and teeth that are visible when mouth closed. Lower jaw must be broad, with teeth arranged in one, or nearly one, row.

Eyes must be dark, very large and round, until tender caring expression, very lustrous, and when excited, full of life. Ears are thin, small, and soft like black velvet, either folded back so you can see their inner side or tilted forward with peaks accompanying the cheeks and pointing to its eyes, the inner side is not visible.

The tail should be high set, curled as tightly as possible on the shoulders, it is highly desirable double articulation reminiscent of tube postilion.

The forelegs are adequately strong, straight, moderate length, vertically to ground. The hindquarters must be very strong and adequately long, perpendicular to the substrate when viewed from behind straight and parallel.

The coat is fine, smooth, soft, short and glossy, must never be rough, wavy or curly. The colour may be silver, orange (apricot), fawn or black. Each of the colours must be clean to be a clear contrast between eel stripe (narrow dark longitudinal stripe stretching uninterrupted from occiput over spine to the base of the tail) and dark "mask" on the face. "Eel stripe", "Mask", earlobes, round spots on the cheeks and a stain on the forehead (called "diamond") must be sharp and the blackest.