Czechoslovakian Wolfdog


Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Group I. - Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, Section 1 - Sheepdogs

General Appearance:

It's a lively, active, hardy and docile dog with a surprisingly quick reactions, fearless and courageous, but also distrustful, attached to its owner, faithful and obedient, but also very cautious. It is resistant to weather conditions. It never unduly bothered, but when it is threatened, no fear.

Temperament / Behaviour:

Puppies do not behave like puppies of different breeds, and it is already the breeder and the owner must pay them extra care and attention. Important for the future is each individual must have a systematic and thorough early socialization. Education must be sweet, but very consistent and must also start in the day when puppy arrives in new family.

This breed is not for inexperienced and untrained owners who can do it easily spoil or even for people who try to bully other people (in the psyche of many people - in terms of a wolf - a deep, although entirely unreasonably rooted). The owner may only be a person with natural authority, which shall in all circumstances remain the clear "leader of the pack". It must be a man calm, deliberate, patient, responsible who is a dog or bitch able to communicate clearly and consistently, and it has for male or female always enough understanding.

Training cannot follow the same rules as any other job or business of different breeds. Methods applying e.g. The German Shepherd Dog there is no success. Training for this breed must be play, it must be fun. Nothing it cannot be forced and no longer even violence. Exercise should always take only briefly. Dogs need lots of praise, reward (the best reward is a taste that is very fond of, but never ever get it than in training).


This is a dog of firm constitution, above average size, rectangular body frame. Body shape, movement, texture and colour of the coat-mask (light) in the face resemble a wolf. Height at withers is min. 65 cm male and min. 60 cm in female, weight of body, male min. 26 kg and female min. 20 kg.

The head is symmetrical, well muscled, with a correspondingly strong muscles controlling the lower jaw. When viewed from the side and from above has the shape of a blunt wedge. Corresponds sexes is an important secondary sexual character in dogs heavier, lighter in females. The skull when viewed from the side and from the front slightly bulging forehead, very marked longitudinal front furrow and occipital protuberance marked. The frontal slope (stop) is steep. Muzzle should be dry, never too broad nasal bridge straight, oval-shaped nose, black.

Lips tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth, mouth corners are closed, lips black. The jaws should be strong and symmetrical. Teeth must be huge, especially strong to be canines. Desirable is a scissor or pincer bite and a full set of 42 teeth. The teeth in the jaws are evenly spaced.

Cheeks should be dry, sufficiently muscled, but not markedly protruding to the side. Eyes: Small, slanting, amber coloured with eyelids close fitting to the eyeball. Ears must be pricked, thin, triangular and short. The outer edges of the base and outer eye corners are flush. A vertical line from the tip of the vertically passes close along the head.

The neck is dry, muscular. Must be long enough so that the nose when the head is inclined, touching the ground. Neck is flowing into the body. Topline body should be slightly sloping withers pronounced, but must not interfere with the continuity of the upper body lines. The back should be strong and straight, short loin, appropriately muscled, slightly arched, but not too wide. Croup is required is short, muscular and should not be excessive width. When viewed from the side, it is slightly sloping. The tail should be high set, hanging, raised in the heat of passion and sickle.

Chest must be symmetrical, large - on the imaginary cross-section is pear-shaped, narrowing towards the sternum. There is deep down to the elbow. Tip of the sternum does not act before the leading edge of the shoulder joint. The abdomen is tense, tucked up, flanks are slightly rolled up. The forelegs should be straight, strong and dry. Their attitude is quite narrow and the feet are slightly curving. Shoulders should be fairly steeply saved.
Front feet are large, elongated arched toes and strong, dark nails. The pads are large, flexible, dark coloured. The hindquarters must be massive, in parallel positions. The dewclaws are undesirable and must be removed.

The hip joints are strong and flexible. Your knees should be strong and flexible, legs long, lean and well-muscled. Hocks must be dry, firm and elastic. Hocks are long, dry and almost perpendicular to the substrate. Hind limbs are elongated, arched toes with strong dark nails and large padded.

Typical movement is harmonious, light and spacious trot in which the limbs move as low as possible above the ground. Head and neck while is almost level with the top line of the body. In a step is possible pace.

The skin is flexible, without wrinkles, no pigmented. It is fitting to the skeletal muscle and skin. The coat should be straight and close, others in winter and in summer. In winter coat dominated by very dense undercoat together with the topcoat thickly covers the entire body. Also on the abdomen, inner thighs and earlobes, in between the toes and on the scrotum in males should be thick coat. On the neck, the hair is somewhat longer; the colour should be yellowish-grey to silver-grey with a characteristic light mask. Light-coloured hair is also on the underside of the neck and front of the chest. Possible is also a dark grey colour with light mask.