English Pointer


English Pointer - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 2 .1.-British and Irish Pointers and Setters, Pointer.

General Appearance:

This is a smart, lively and attentive dog mild and balanced character. It can simultaneously be a top hunting dog as well as a welcoming and friendly social breed. It is the happiest if it can live together with the owner's family, which is absolutely loyal and totally dedicated. If it is behaved properly it has been socialized at an early age. When it is provided adequate education for this dog it does not prone to aggression. It is not territorial and you cannot count on it as a watchdog. It is very well tolerated with other dogs and when it was accustomed to them in its youth. It can get well with cats, too. Famously it gets with children well and it  has a lot of patience with them.


It hates any harsh training methods. Any coercion in training can lead to permanent betrayed. It requires the owner of a calm, kindly consistent, not exaggerating by emotions. It can very sensitively detect and often there are transmitted to dog. If they are negative, it may show nervousness or even worse performance. Peak performance needs inner peace and a good relationship with the owner to just contribute. When it’s hunting it is extremely energetic and enthusiastic literally. It is very tightly drawn.

It requires daily physical and mental activity. It needs long walks that are held a brisk pace, but it is necessary to remember that hunting instinct is very strong, so it is advisable, if not being used for hunting, to have this dog fix on a leash. It is not suitable permanent accommodation in an outdoor kennel.


It's a dog symmetrical, balanced physique, elegant contour lines, strong and agile. Desirable height at the withers, male is from 63 to 69 cm and in female between 61 and 66 cm.

The width of the skull must be proportionate to the length of the muzzle. The occipital protuberance should be distinct, frontal slope (stop) is significant. Between the eyes is shallow longitudinal furrow. The muzzle is slightly concave nasal bridge - the line is spoken lightly of the profile. The nose should be dark coloured, but with a lemon-yellow-white coat might be lighter. It is flexible and humid, with wide nostrils. Lips are properly developed, flexible, and powerful jaws. It requires a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite.

Cheek bones are  protruding. Eyes are equidistant from the nose to the occipital part. They are either hazelnut colour, or dark brown, with coat, shrewd and kindly expression. The edges of the eyelids should be dark, but with a lemon-yellow-white dogs can be lighter. The earlobes are suspended, thin, fairly high. Close to head, to be moderately long and slightly pointed ends.

The neck requires a long, muscular and in the neck slightly arched, without dewlap on the throat. It flows into the shoulders. The loin should be short, strong, muscular and slightly arched. The tail is moderately long, thick at the root and towards the tip tapers evenly. Must be covered with dense hair and carried at the upper line of the body should never be curled up.

The chest must be wide enough to provide ample space heart and lungs. The breastbone is a low stored, chest must be so deep that reached to the elbows. Ribs are well sprung and the last extends far back toward the rear gradually flattens.

Loose parts of the forelegs from the elbow to the ground are flat and firm. On the rear side would have to be seen clearly and strong tendons. Their bones must be adequately strong, on the imaginary cross-sectional rounded shape. Shoulders should be long and sloping, their peaks upwards and backwards. Elbows must not be too close or out, even while in motion. Wrists are flat from the front, seen from the side protruding ahead of the front profile of the forearm, when viewed from the front perform very little inwards. Pasterns should be elongated, strong and flexible, when viewed from the side slightly askew.

The hindquarters should be very muscular, hip bumps are spaced reasonably far away, clearly visible but may not protrude above the top line of the body. Thighs should be robust, due knees bent, legs strong and hocks low over the base. Feet are oval shaped, closed (compact), arched toes and high padded.

The top coat is fine, short and hard, evenly covers the entire surface of the body. Whole hair is perfectly smoothed, adjacent and beautifully shiny. Hair colouring can be a lemon-yellow-white, orange-white, red-white or black-and-white, but may also be single or tricolour.