Place of Origin:
Breed type:
Medium long coat
Body Type:
Strong, heavy
8 kg
Colour variety:
All colours and patterns of coat

History: In 1994, the group of breeders separated from Ann Baker, who was the main leader   of Ragdoll breeding. It was all caused due to increasing restrictions for their breeding. They named their cat as Ragamuffin. Till now, associations denied to recognize this breed, mainly due to close family relationship with the Ragdoll breed.

Nature: Ragamuffin cats are known for their unusually peaceful nature. They are very friendly and unpretentious. It is true that they are also very friendly and loving to care. Ragamuffin is also a very playful cat that rarely loves all games. They are typical companions in the family.

Body: Ragamuffin cats are muscular and heavy, they need roughly four to five years to become mature. They have a rectangular, wide body with shoulders that carry a short neck. Ragamuffin occurs in all colours and coat patterns with medium-length hair that grows from head to body towards the stomach. Although coat is dense and velvety, it is easy to care for.

The head is wide, with a modified wedge with a slightly rounded forehead and submerged nose. The body should be rectangular with broad chest and wide shoulders and moderate muscles in the hind legs, with the hind legs as wide as the shoulders. The length of the coat should be somewhat longer around the neck and outer edges of the face, resulting in the formation of tufts.

Coat: This long-haired cat needs to be groomed at least once a week. For good coat quality it is good to give your cat the vitamins.

Care: Ragamuffin is a very healthy cat without any known defects associated with the breed. Despite the dense coat, Ragamuffin does not need special care. At least once a week comb it and pay special attention to the "back pan" on the hind legs. For a good coat, it should have a varied diet and take vitamins. It is important to add calcium to the food, because of a large weight and bone structure.

Colour Varieties: All colour variations, patterns and badges are allowed, both white and without white.