Czech Curly Cat

Bohemian Rex / Czech Curly Cat
FIFe abbreviation:
Place of origin:
Czech Republic
Persian cat
Breed type:
Long-haired cat of Rex Type
Body type:
Stabbed cat on short legs
3 to 6 kg
Colour variety:
All single colours, patterns, with white spot, silver and gold and all their combinations

History: The Bohemian Rex is a Persian cat with a curly hair. The breed is originated by the accidental appearance of curly kittens in the litter of Persian cats. The founders of the breed are the siblings of Apolonia and Adonis from the Kennel cat “Podještědí“. They were born in Liberec in 1981.

Breeders, under the leadership of genetics, they tried to keep the hair curly, but it reduced the fertility of females and public was not interested in this breed too much. Later, however, in the various litters of Persian cats across The Czech Republic curly kittens began to appear, and some breeders began to breed them again, they still continue in their breeding till now.

Although we already know that the gene causing hair curliness is recessive, the complete genetic nature of curliness is not clarified yet.

Among the non-recognized breeds, the FIFe this breed Bohemian Rex // Czech Curly Cat registered in 1994.This breed is not fully recognised. There is almost no individuals at shows, they are mostly castrated.

Nature:  Bohemian Rex has a very nice character. They are calm, very cuddly, and they can really get out loud.

Body: The standard for building of the body of Bohemia Rex Cats is not fixed or stabilized. However, we can compare this breed to Persian cats.

Coat: The hair of this breed is slightly shorter than that of Persian Cats. The main feature is its distinct irregular ripple. They are spindle-shaped and spirally curled hair strands. Ripening is more pronounced on the face and legs where hair is shorter.

Care: The hair has no tendency to be felled, and therefore its care is not complicated. In other respects, care for this breed it is comparable to caring for Persian cats. The sharp ends of the claws should be cut regularly and the ear canals should be cleaned.

Colour variety: Bohemian Rex Cats are in the same colours as Persian cats.