About us

Family-Owned Pet Food Producer from the Czech Republic.

  • VAFO is a privately-owned family company
  • Production, Distribution, and Development of Premium & Super premium Pet Food
  • Established in June 1994 – 20 years tradition & experience, 115 employees
  • Annual production: 58 000 t
  • Export to 52 countries worldwide
  • Company brands: Brit, Brit Care, Carnilove, Petit, Lets Bite, Brit Animals, Profine, Sams Field
  • Complete service in a private label production

Our philosophy

  • We respect the health and welfare of our pet customers
  • We refuse testing on laboratory animals
  • We are strictly against any cruelty towards animals and we reject all animal abuse
  • We are not using any ingredients that may have negative impact on pet´s health

Quality managment

  • Pet´s health is our policy and principle
  • Using freshly prepared deboned chicken or salmon in premium and super premium recipes
  • No use of soy, risk ingredients, GMO
  • Brit production is certified according to the ISO 9001 and HACCP quality standards.


  • We are operating three modern production plants in the Czech Republic
  • Our products are distributed from new central warehouse located in Rudna u Prahy


  • We take a part at international trade fairs (Interzoo, Zoomark, Zoosphere, CIPS, Anido, etc.)
  • We are a proud a sponsor of international dog and cat shows held in the Czech Republic
  • We support a variety of interesting canine activities - dog sports, training and sport cynology, etc.
  • We are a sponsor of the Helppes Training Center for Assistant Dogs, and Aura Canis - The Therapy Dog Organization.