Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer - Vizsla


Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer - Vizsla - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1 - Continental Pointing Dogs with working trial (Field and Water Trial).

General Appearance:

It's unexpectedly gentle and sensitive dog. It has easy going nature and great adaptability it is a nice companion dog. It is not even aggressive to strangers, even to stranger dogs, if it can, it likes to play with them - prefer to "catch-up". With children, especially older, it is willingly plays, probably "catch-up". It is virtually inexhaustible. It is a breed capable of simultaneously to be powerful hunting dog and a very nice social dog.


Its education makes no bigger problems if it respected the principle of a kind of consistency. It is independent and well to train, but it cannot tolerate even a hint of a hard or even abuse or coercion in education and training.

Typical for it is that when it is working, it keeps in contact with the hunter. It is a universally usable hunting dog, working equally well in the field, in the woods and in the water. It excels in fine sense of smell, pointing and perfect bringing a remarkable willingness "to go into the water." It works just as reliably in difficult terrains viable even under extreme weather conditions. It loves movement and is very fast. If it is not used for hunting, requires regular and long walks brightened up as far as possible, overcoming various obstacles, etc. retrieving.


It is a sturdy dog. Muscles are taut, rectangular body frame shortly. Height at withers, male is from 58 to 64 cm and for female is from 54 to 60 cm.

The head must be moderately broad skull, slightly arched above. The frontal slope (stop) should be slightly sloping, the muzzle must be blunt ended, should never be pointed at the end. Nasal bridge must be straight, the nose is broad and big enough with the widest nostrils. Its colour matches the hue of the coat. It requires a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite.

Eyes should be slightly oval shaped, medium sized. The edges of the eyelids fit close to the eyeballs. Iris colour is brown hue of the corresponding colour of the coat, preferably dark as possible. The earlobes are set on the back of the head, reasonably high, hanging. It should be fine close to the cheek and round at the tip pointed.

The neck should be of medium length. The neck is very muscular, slightly arched, the throat adjacent skin tightly to the skeletal muscle and subcutaneous tissue, without dewlap. Withers pronounced, well muscled. The back should be strong, muscular, taut and straight. The loin is short, broad, tight, muscular, straight or slightly arched. The croup should be broad, sufficiently long and muscular. The tail should be moderately high set. The movement should be carried higher up, but at the upper line of the body. It should be covered with dense hair.

The chest is broad and deep with a strong, muscular and slightly arched chest and back as far as possible hitting the sternum. Ribs are moderately sprung last reach far back. The bottom line of the body determines the backward slightly arched upward curve transitioning from the chest to the belly tucked hard.

The forelegs are seen from the front straight and parallel, viewed from the side to be in the position perpendicular to the substrate. Their bones must be firm, muscles are taut. Elbows close to the body and must not be too close or out. Forearm: Long, straight, sufficiently muscled, strong, but not coarse bones. Feet are slightly oval in shape, with well-knit, sufficiently arched, strong toes.

Hindquarters seen from the rear straight and parallel, viewed from the proper angulations, strong bones. Hocks are strong, lean, sinewy and relatively low over the base, the feet are the same as the forequarters.

Skin taut over the body to the subcutaneous tissue and skeletal muscle, does not form folds and properly pigmented. The outer coat should be wiry, contiguous and dense without gloss. The undercoat should be thick, waterproof. At the end parts of the limbs, as well as on the bottom of the chest and abdomen, hair should be shorter, softer and thicker, on the head and ears is shorter and darker coloured, but not soft and dense. Eyebrow emphasizes feet, and with a thick beard hard to muzzle underscores energetic facial expression.

Coat colour may be different shade of russet yellow colour on the ear lobe is darker, otherwise it must be uniform. A small white patch on the front of the chest or throat, which has averaged more than 5 cm, not a failure as well as white markings on the toes.