HAMILTONSTÖVARE - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized hounds.

General Appearance:

It is a friendly and cheerful, calm, fearless, reliable and friendly dog, dedicated to owners, with the right consistent of leadership it is obedient, lively temperament. It is quite noisy dog.

After proper early socialization it gets well with other dogs, great with children, strangers too. Hunting passion it can chase cats if dog does not live with it "in a shared household ', and others. All it depends on its education.


With absolute obedience owner cannot count on it, although it is not Hound that is independent, it was used to make decisions itself, without waiting for commands, but with appropriate patience and perseverance owner might train well manageable dog. Any harsh or coercive methods during education they cannot work.

The hunting instinct is very strong, on walk it is better when the dog is on the leash, when it finds the track, it starts chasing and it is very difficult to recall it.


This is a dog-balanced harmonious construction, rectangular body frame, at first glance, strong and steady, but never rude. Divergence of sexual type male and female must be clear, secondary sexual characteristics must be pronounced, the dog must be readily distinguished from females and vice versa. Height at withers male is from 53 to 61 (ideal. 57) cm for female is from 49 to 57 (ideal. 53) cm.

The nose should always be black, rather large, with wide open nostrils.

A scissor bite is required. Teeth are strong and big.

The eyes are dark brown, gentle expression. The earlobes should be set high enough and long enough that when they are stretched forward without violence reaches almost half the length of the muzzle. When roused, slightly lift the otherwise soft, surface suspended while the leading edge is curled outwards.

The tail should be set level with topline of the body and carried straight or slightly sickle. It is fairly thick at the base and toward the end taper off. Reaching to the hocks and the move should not be carried above the top line of the body.

The forelegs have strong bones and lengths correspond to the overall appearance of the individual. When viewed from the front part of their free (from the elbow to the feet) are straight and parallel to each other. Feet are oval, bony fingers and tight.

The hindquarters should be strong, viewed from behind parallel to each other. Dewclaws on the hind legs are undesirable.

The coat should be hard, very dense and contiguous, but not too short. Desirable coat is medium length, not smooth. Only on the head, including the earlobes and the front of legs the coat is very short, typically smooth. On the underside of the tail and back of the thighs, the hair is significantly longer, but recognizes that even "pants" or "flag".

Hair colouring must be tricolour. It is coloured black upper side of the neck, trunk and tail. Head, including earlobes has to have a tan like limbs, neck on the sides, lower body and tail. Tan colour can be a different shade from golden to deep maroon red. White bald forms the forehead, breastplate on the front chest and "socks" on the distal portions of the extremities, including the feet, covering the top of the muzzle, can be above and below the neck and tail tip.

To the faults there belong fearful or overly cautious behaviour, significant overshot or undershot jaw, height at withers below the min. border or exceeding max. It should be defined by the standard.