French White and Orange Hound


French white and orange Hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Large sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

It is known by considerable intelligence and relatively easy trainability. Perfect compatibility with other dogs, which is typical for pack hound, it is not suitable for it. It tends to behave to other dogs dominantly and aggressively.

When it is not hunting, it is calm and obedient when it can get proper guidance. To the owner and his family it is faithful and loyal. It behaves to them always nice and friendly. As a security guard and a vigorous defender, however, it cannot be counted.


To be a social dog also there must be provided an early socialization that must start at an early age education, focus on its undesirable trait. It may be significantly muted, sheer consistency and appropriate authority of the owner, who must be for the dog the right and sole leader of the "pack" at all times stern, forceful and always fair.


This is a noble hound rustic appearance. Height at withers is 62-70 cm with a tolerance of 2 cm. The head is suitably broad and appropriately long. Skull should be slightly arched barely noticeable occipital part. Browridges are protruding.

The nose should be large, black or brown-orange colour. It is not about chocolate or liver brown colour, but the colour shade resulting lack of black pigment, which is linked to the coat colour. Wispy dark pigmentation shines bright yellow-orange nose. Lips are deep enough, so give the muzzle angular shape.

The eyes are large, brown and dark as possible. The earlobes should be suspended, set slightly below eye line, soft, slightly twisted corkscrew. Stretched forward peacefully achieve the width of two fingers from the nose.

The tail should be long.

The forelegs should be strong and powerful. Shoulders should be oblique, so that their tops upwards and backwards. They are well muscled. The hindquarters are very muscular thighs and hocks mindlessly bent low over the base.

Skin should be bright yellow or orange spots. Oral mucosa may be yellowish. Scrotal skin is pink or yellowish.

The hair must be short, fine. Its colour should be white-lemon or white and orange. Orange cannot be too rich or even red colour.

Faults include: overshot or undershot jaw, bright eyes, tail curled or bent to one side or the other, the coat colour other than required by the standard, especially black or red, partial de-pigmentation of the nose, lip edges and eye rims.