Montenegrin Planinska Hound


Montenegrin Planinska Hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized hounds.

General Appearance:

Character is not balanced, confident, its owner it is loyal, trustworthy and obedient dog. It is mainly used for hunting fox and hare in the mountainous areas of Montenegro, but it can be also used to hunt in other games. It excels in extraordinary perseverance, it is literally tireless. In difficult terrain it can work without a break throughout the day.

Hunters appreciate by this breed the excellent sense of smell and pleasant voice. While hunting it behaves very actively, passionately and at home it is very calm, friendly and gentle. It excels in intelligence and docility. Like other hounds you cannot expect absolute mindless obedience. When hunting it must in fact decide independently, it is accustomed to rely on itself, without waiting for instruction hunter.


Early socialization is required at an early age and no pressure can be used.


This is a medium-sized, stout and agile dog rectangular body frame. The body length is measured from the tops of the blades (tap) of buttock in the pan, like chest circumference, measured behind the elbows about 10% greater than height at withers. The amounts from 44 to 54 cm, ideally should by, male is from 49 to 50 cm and female is from 48 to 49 cm. The head should be elongated, its length equivalent to 45% of height at withers.

The nose is always black, fairly large. Lips should be moderately deep, on the edges of black pigmentation. It is hanging close to the jaw and teeth. Upper overlaps are lower. Oral corners must be closed. The jaws are strong. Bite requires regular and complete scissor, but the bite is also acceptable. The teeth are large, evenly spaced in the jaws.

Eyes should be oval shaped, slightly oblique, light to dark brown. The rims are black. The earlobes are to be suspended, set high, moderately long, thin to medium thick. Flat against the head and without folds and on tops they are more or less oval shape.

Tail forms a continuous line of the croup and gradually tapers from root to tip. Reaching to hock joints. Sabre is bent upward, carried below the topline of the body, well coated.

The forelegs should be thick, strong, muscular and parallel to each other. Feet should be "cat" strong, arched, tight toes with flexible black-coloured padded resistant to injury. Nails must be black. The hindquarters are strong, muscular and parallel to each other, strong bones. Thighs should be stout, well muscled, but not so over-muscled (sideways bulging).

Skin should be flexible but fits tightly to the skeletal muscle and skin. The skin should be dark pigmentation. The outer coat is short, thick, glossy, fitting, smooth. It should never be bushy. The undercoat is required rich.

Colouring must be black and tan. The tan markings above the eyes (they have the size of a hazelnut) on the muzzle (could pull up the corners of the mouth) and distal parts of the limbs. Their shade can be pale to deep red or reddish-brown (tan). A white patch on the front of the chest is tolerated, but not desirable. Its largest diameter must not exceed 3 cm.

To negative defects include fearfulness or aggression, overshot or undershot jaw, wry mouth, missing teeth (but absence of two first premolars P1 is permissible), very bright eyes, porcelain (whitish) or different colours (each other), entropion , ectropion, curled tail, curled over the back or side set, other than coat colour mentioned in the standard.