Picardy Spaniel


Picardy Spaniel - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1.2 Continental Pointing Dogs, Spaniel type.

General Appearance:

Its character is gentle, affectionate and utterly friendly. If it does not spoil by the owner by improper treatment it is absolutely balanced and calm dog. But it stands also considerable, even when fully legitimate confidence for the hunting. It can be an excellent, nice man´s companion, grateful for any attention that is given. It performs a considerable degree of flexibility. It is compatible well with children and strange dogs with other animals, e.g. cats or ferrets, it needs systematically socialization.

We cannot expect from this breed special defensive ability, guards, but it is barking it announces that something is happening. Its foundation is a thoroughly friendly and helpful welcome uninvited visitor as a good acquaintance. It has all to be as an excellent companion dog and powerful hound.

Training / Behaviour:

It's handy, obedient and easily trained and gentle, intelligent, but also very sensitive dog, therefore, it requires a clear kind treatment. The parfors training for this breed, it can mentally and literally destroy. By consistent leadership it might grow obedient and easy trained dog. If his owner intends to use for hunting, he can count on its tireless hard work, excellent sense of smell and unusual stamina.


It's a hefty typical Longhaired Pointer with strong, sound legs, happily and proudly carried its head and gentle look in its eyes. Height at withers, male is from 55 to 60 cm by males is permitted max. 62 cm.

The head is round and wide skull with strong occipital part and flat sides, cheeks, may not be bulging sides. The frontal slope (stop) is steep, however, it is no longer covered the bridge of nose right angle. Muzzle should be elongated, moderately broad and the root to the nose. The muzzle is very slightly arched in the middle, forming a slight down faced. Lips are moderate, loose, but never completely overhanging or even baggy.

The eyes are dark amber colour and must be properly opened, they must be narrowed. The earlobes should be fairly low, nicely covered with wavy silky hair framed her head and give her a typical appearance.

The neck is firmly embedded into the shoulders, muscular. The back should be of medium length behind the withers declined slightly. The chest must have proper width and it should be so deep that reached to the elbows. Flanks not too tucked up (deep), but they have to be rolled up high. The loin should be straight, not too long, broad and strong. Bumps hip bones protrude and are slightly lower than the withers, in the amount of back and loins. Croup is a very gently sloping and rounded.

Tail should not be too high. It is carried hanging down to form two slight bends, one convex and one concave. It should not be too long and is covered with beautiful silky hair.

The forelegs should be perfectly straight, well muscled and feathered. The vanes are fairly long, rather steeply stored. Their longitudinal axes are inclined to the shoulder bones very obtuse angles. They must be sufficiently muscled. Shoulders should be muscular, elbows pointing straight backwards, must not be turned in or out. The hindquarters should be on the back side to hock heavily feathered. Thighs require a straight, fairly long, broad and muscular. Hocks should be slightly bent, hock are straight, feet round, broad, well-knit toes. Inter-digital spaces to be quite hairy.

The skin is relatively thin and flexible. The coat should be hard, not too soft and slightly wavy on the body, head softer. Colour is grey roan with brown patches on different parts of the body and tail set. Sometimes the head and feet are with tan markings.

Photo: Kateřina Skopalová foto