Italian Pointing Dog


Italian Pointing Dog - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1 - Continental pointing dogs, Type “Braque”.

General Appearance:

It's balanced, moderate, sober and easy to train. It loves its owner and it is fiercely loyal, it needs to live in constant and close contact with people which it likes. It is friendly to children, good with other dogs and pets, if had a chance to get used to them at an early age. It is malleable, gifted remarkable ability to understand what you want from it. Although this is clearly non-aggressive breed, most individuals can be, if there is a specific reason, very alert and vigilant for intruders it evident barks or growls. To the other unknown persons is reserved.


It is a well trained dog, but there is not good to hurry with it. For every success must be much praised voice with joyful intonations dramatically, eventually and rewarded by positive stimulation is important. It loves hunting and also it is reliable, tough and persistent. After proper training it is also usable as a versatile hunter. When the owner is not a hunter, there is a need for regular long hearty walks in nature, e.g. in a vast park or field. However, it is useful to have it on a leash its hunting instinct is strong so if the smell came across the game it hardly could be revoked, even if it is otherwise docile. It is a social dog and should not be kept, where climatic conditions permit, permanently in an outdoor kennel.


It is a sturdy dog harmonious construction, operating a huge impression. The format of the body can be square or rectangular briefly. Height at withers is 55-67 cm and weight of 25-40 kg.

The head is square, as long as the skull muzzle. Topline of skull is to be seen from the side in the imaginary extension of the diverging lines of the muzzle. The frontal slope (stop) must be gradual. The muzzle is either slightly arched or straight, bulky nose, with large wide-open nostrils.

The dental arches at each other exactly primes and teeth set square to the jaw, requires a scissor bite, pincer is also permissible. Eyes may not to be protruding or sunken. The iris can be light or dark ochre or brown, depending on coat colour. The earlobes are so long that stretched forward to reach to the tip of the nose. Immediately adjacent to the cheeks and on the tops must be roundly pointed.

It is solid, the shape of a truncated cone, must be clearly spaced from the occipital landscape. On the neck should be well defined, but small adjoining double dewlap. Withers are clearly a protruding. Loins are broad, muscled, short and slightly arched. The croup is broad and muscular, rather long.

The pan must have proper width. The tail is thick at the root level, towards the tip slightly tapering. It has to be short hair. In the motion, particularly in search of game birds in the field, is carried horizontally or nearly horizontally, the length of 15-25 cm.

The chest should be large and deep so that it reaches to the elbows, its underside does not keel. Ribs are particularly in parts closer to the sternum clearly arched, sloping. The bottom line of the body is almost horizontal in part formed chest and rises gently in a game represented belly.

The forelegs are powerful, well-muscled, long and sloping freely movable vanes. Forearms are strong, perpendicular to the substrate. Feet are solid, oval-shaped, with the toes well arched and tight, fitted with strong downward to the base curved claws colours of white, light or deep ochre or brown.

Hindquarters are long, parallel and well muscled thigh bone. Tibia should be strong, broad hocks, fetlocks relatively short and dry. Feet are the same as the forequarters.

Skin has to be fixed, but flexible on the head, neck, armpits and on the lower side of the fuselage is more subtle. The coat is short, tight-fitting, shiny, delicate and smooth on the head, ears, the front of the legs and feet.

Coat colour may be white, white with different sized patches darker or lighter orange or amber hue, white with larger or smaller maroon spots, roan, either white with pale orange spray or white with maroon spray. Preference is given to a regular mask on the face, but tolerated and its absence.