Hungarian Greyhound


Hungarian Greyhound - Group X - Sightshounds, Section 3 - Short-haired Sighthounds.

General Appearance:

It's a calm, sensible, intelligent and faithful, reserved, but not shy dog. To the owner is totally committed and tends to be a "one-man dog." It should never show timidity. It excels in extraordinary vigilance, it is never aggressive or scathing, however it is as a Greyhound unexpectedly good guard, and even it warily guards. It is whenever ready to defend the owner and its property.

It is hardy, virtually tireless, fast, tough and hardy, but it is primarily by a body and soul athlete. It is used at the races at the track and in the field, by far the most successful at longer distances. It excels in hurdling run because it is brilliant jumper.


It excels by remarkable vitality and it fits best for the sports-minded owner. It requires daily physical activity that it is granted in the form of long brisk pace and completed walks on a leash by owner´s foot. It is also ideal fitness training for races. It is also possible training by running along the bike, moving at a reasonable speed.

The owner, who wants to pay serious attention to the Greyhound races sport, of course, owner must reckon with workouts on the track or in the field, which takes time and costs. For the individual from what they expect excellence, it is essential also good nutrition.


General appearance testifies to the extraordinary strength, but through strong skeleton and powerfully developed musculature must be building its sleek body. The length of the body must be greater than the height, which is ideally male is from 65 to 70 cm for female is from 62 to 67 cm.

The head seen from above and from the side is wedge-shaped at the base, i.e. in the occipital landscape quite broad. The skull must be sufficiently large, wide, spacious, front slope (stop) sloping. The muzzle must be strong, elongated, about as long as the skull and not the end noticeably pointed. The nose should be fairly large, fully pigmented, with large, wide open nostrils.

Lips must be called-closed, tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth, their edges should be fully pigmented. Jaws must be powerful and strong. Require strong teeth, teeth should be complete, scissor bite. Over- or undershot jaw or irregular or wry mouth is a fault. Cheeks should be well muscled, so stand to the side and extend its head in the skull.

The eyes are medium-sized, dark-coloured, not sunken or bulging. Their expression has to be attentive, chilly, but certainly intelligent. The eyelid rims should be fully pigmented, their possible bulking or intussusceptions is a serious flaw. Ears shall be relatively large enough to clearly feel a strong, flexible deployed in mid-height and folded "V", attach to the upper side of the neck.

The neck should be moderately long, dry and muscular without dewlap. Despite all the power has to be elegant and flows into the shoulders. The body is muscular, elongated and hard. Withers should be well defined, muscular and long. The back should be broad, straight, firm but flexible, very muscular. Loins should be relatively wide they are either equal to, or more often slightly arched, always powerfully muscled. Croup is required broad, slightly sloping and very muscular.

The tail should be moderately high, thick at the base, towards the end slightly tapering and slightly curved upwards. Tip reaches the hocks on the underside is covered with coarse hair. The rest is hanging down vertically, in the heat of passion and movement can be carried higher, but not above the topline of the body.

The chest must be deep, well sprung to provide sufficient space for the activities of both the lungs and heart. Ribs should be properly sprung and the last should reach far back. The abdomen is slightly tucked.

The forelegs should be strong, sinewy, powerful, but dryly muscled, strong bones, as seen from the front and from the side, straight and parallel to each other. Shoulders should be long and slightly oblique, muscled properly and freely movable, adjacent to the chest. The shoulder bones are long, slightly sloping and well muscled. The elbows should be close, but flexibly attached to the chest should be moving and may not be turned in or out. Forearms should be long, straight, strong bones, dryly muscled. Wrist requires wide and strong, short metacarpus, perpendicular to the substrate. Front feet should be fairly large, elongated, closed, meaning that the fingers are tightly clenched. The pads should be solid, strong nails and short.

The hindquarters should be powerful, reasonably, but not too angulated proper muscular strength and strong bones. When viewed from behind parallel to each other. Thighs must be powerfully muscled muscles on them are greatly elongated. Knees should be moderately angulated, strong, not  in or out. Crus are long, dryly muscled, hocks, solid, strong, low over the base. Hock must be standing and in motion parallel to each other, nor the divergent or convergent. The hind feet should be fairly large, elongated, with firm padded and strong nails.

Skin should be relatively strong over the body immediately adjacent to the skeletal muscle and subcutaneous tissue, nowhere is free or without folds or wrinkles. The coat is short, dense, hard, smooth fitting. The undercoat is usually in the winter decidedly rich, dense. All colours and colour combinations occurring by Greyhounds are standard, except only the blue, bluish-white, chocolate (liver) brown sable, black and tan, and tricolour colour - these colours are undesirable.