Bohemian Shepherd - Chodsky pes


Bohemian Shepherd - Chodsky pes - FCI I. Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs)

Origin of breed:

The Chods were the ethnic group of Czech-Polish origin. They were resettled by Prince Bretislav I. (about 1005 to 1055 AD, Prince 1034 AD). In the Bohemian Forest there was a mission to guard the boundary extending through the centre of the forest frontier there this breed was used. The duty service dogs provided on the board, they belonged to certain privileges an there were essentially needed these dogs.

They were originally guarding dogs. Thanks to their vigilance and alertness to this job they were very well thrown. Developmentally this breed was closed ancestors of old German Shepherd and other Western European Shepherds occidental type. The extensive range of the population of these evolutionarily ancient, there were  labour versatile dogs related to Spitz, that were  used primarily to monitor, process emerged reproductive isolation in specific geographical areas mainly forest-covered continent's various local forms different from other similar local varieties and undifferentiated from the rest of the starting population.

Region of Bohemia was for its relatively strict geographical boundaries border the mountains of the occurrence of such a distinctive local forms predestined. The local variety of this dog was rather small, with long, thick hair very strong constitution, durable and persistent. Dogs were bred together with courses of guard duty they were in privileged position thanks to some acquaintances of their owners and occurred outside Chodsko, too.


It's a lively dog fast, but not the tumultuous reactions, docile, attentive, easy, pliant, but also appropriately assertive and tenacious. It excels in fearlessness, strong nerves and extreme vigilance. It is a pleasant family companion a dog, it gets well with children however it is advised that they know it is not a live toy, and that they cannot hurt. To strangers is reserved, but when there is a danger this breed is very strong and sharp, when there is jeopardized owner´s property etc.

Its olfactory capabilities are excellent, working on tracks with ease and passion. It suits to many dog sports, it is agile and clever, but also it is able to make successful trial according to various test systems. It can even be used to harness pulling a sled dog. Its versatility is remarkable proof of its developmental age.


This is a medium-sized dog of a rectangular with long hair and a woolly undercoat. The height at withers male is  from 52 to 55 cm and in female is from 49 to 52 cm. Weight of body is 18-25 kg.

The head should be proportionate to the overall size of the body, stainless. Not seem massive or too fine. Skull above flat and gradually tapers towards the eyes. Stop should be gradual. Occipital  part  is palpable, but  it looks unimpressed. The nasal dorsum should be straight when viewed from the side almost parallel with the imaginary extension of the upper line of the skull.

The nose is medium-sized, full, black pigmented, nostrils must be open. Lips are solid, dry, tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth, oral closed corners. The bite should be regular scissor. Incisors touching each other on stools themselves exactly seated. Desirable is a complete set of teeth.

Eyes are medium sized, almond shaped, slightly oblique. They should not be bulging or sunken, shiny, vigorous, but pleasing expression, brown in colour. The earlobes are high and close to each other, short, erect, triangular with a wider base, atop either pointed or slightly rounded, covered with long, thick hair, especially at the base and edges make up brushes.

The neck is gracefully carried, long, highly flexible, towards shoulders slightly expands. The loin is short, flexible and rigid, form a smooth continuation of the back. Croup starts at their level and gradually sloping down to the tail, which should be profusely feathered, reaching to the hocks. At rest and in motion is suspended towards the end slightly bent upward arch. In excitement it rises to a level topline of the body.