Russian Toy


Russian Toy-Group XI - Companion and Toy Dogs.

General Appearance:

It is an active, cheerful and decidedly optimistic dog that should never be timid or aggressive. If the aggression is not acceptable but it does not mean that it must have certain sharpness and courage can a small and seemingly frail dog act surprisingly, even grotesque. It is never fearful or introverted, which is certainly Terrier´s inheritance by its ancestors. It loves movement it is decidedly sporty, durable and persistent.

It is used as a companion dog. It is suitable for the urban environment. If you live in the country, passionately chasing mice and other small rodents, but of course legally protected insectivore - shrews. Despite its size, carefully and vigilantly it guards. The conduct of both sexes is different, females tend to be quieter.


This is a small, elegant, lively, long leggy dog's delicate skeletons and early muscle. Secondary sexual characteristics are only weakly expressed. The format of the body is to be square, height at withers by ma le and female is from 20 to 28 cm (with a tolerance of + / -1 cm). Weight of body by both sex it may not exceed 3 kg.

The head is relatively small. The skull has to be high, above rounded, but not too wide. Its width, measured at the widest point of the zygomatic arches (i.e. bizygomatic), which are only slightly curved sides must not be greater than its depth.

The nose is a small, black-coloured, or has a colour corresponding with the colour of the coat. Lips are thin, narrow, dark edges pigmented or colour matching colour of coat immediately adjacent to the jaw and teeth.

The eyes are fairly large, rounded, dark, slightly prominent, deposited relatively far apart straight. The eyelid rims should be dark coloured or may have a colour corresponding to the colour of the coat. Immediately  is adjacent to the eyeballs. The earlobes are large, thin, high and erect.

Topline body gradually slopes from the withers, which protrudes slightly to tail. It shortened the length of 2-3 vertebrae and has to be carried up. In countries where docking is the law on protection of animals is prohibited, the leaves naturally long and then curved sickle. It must not be carried below the topline of the body.

The chest should be deep enough and not too wide. The imaginary cross-section has an oval shape.

Paws arched toes are slightly narrower than the forequarters. Nails and toe pads should be black or matching the colour of coat.

The skin is thin, dry and flush with the skeletal muscle and skin. The coat is either short or long. Smooth character has a flat, short, shiny hair without undercoat and without bald places. Longhaired coat is moderately long (3-5 cm), straight or slightly wavy, close fitting, so it does not obscure the contour lines of the body. On the head and front of legs the coat is short, closely adjacent. Distinctly longer shall be on the back of the legs. On feet are long, silky and completely covering the claws.

Earlobes are covered with long hair forming a dense curtains that patients over three years, completely covering their tops and outer edges. The body must not be with tousled hair, or too short (less than 2 cm).

Colour is black and tan, brown and tan, blue and tan, can be any shade of red with a black or brown spot (caused by black or brown colouring of some ends of hair) or without it. Rich hues are preferred.

Faults include fearfulness, even bite and teeth tilted forward, semi-erect ears in longhaired dogs with very profuse are not permissible (but undesirable), small white spots from the front on the chest and paws, uniform black, brown and blue colours, too large tan markings or dark annealing, low tail.