Romagna Water Dog - Lagotto Romagnolo


Flushing, Retrievers and Water Dogs - Group VIII.

General Appearance:

Romanesque Water Dog is obedient, bright, cheerful, intelligent and courageous, but also gentle and devoted to owner. It is an excellent companion dog and extra vigilant watchdog. There is no problem with other dogs if it passed socialization in early. It does not tolerate any unexpected changes in the behaviour of the owner. It loves the water and it is able to do it at any time when it is outside. It is also a passionate retriever.

It is suitable for dog sports such as agility. Originally it was used as a hunting dog for bringing the water game birds.

Temperament & Behaviour:

It is easy to train, but extremely sensitive. It is also suitable for beginner owners. With education are not major problems. It is docile, but it hates the slightest pressure. By violence and a fierce strictness you cannot aim anything. Education and training must be like games. It is necessary a positive stimulation, not only in the form of treats, but also to praise a uniquely comforting intonation.

It very depends on owner and is therefore it is not recommended to keep this dog all time in an out-door kennel. Because of its character it does not need special long walks. It really depends on owner, so it can run with leash during walks. It always checks and guards its owner.


This is a small, no more than a medium-sized dog perfectly proportional strong body and a rustic look. The length is about the same as the height at the withers, so the body frame is square. Withers height ranges, male is from 43 to 48 (ideal. 46) cm and females from 41 to 46 (ideal. 43) cm. Tolerance is ± 1 cm. Weight of body, male 13-16 kg for females and 11 to 14 kg.

Head when viewed from above has the shape of a trapezoid when viewed from the side the topline of the skull in the imaginary extension of the divergent lines of the muzzle. It usually counts for 44% of the total length of the head to Muzzle and 56% of the skull. The skull is slightly arched above, towards the nape flattened.

Browridges are clear as the front longitudinal furrow. Notches above the eye sockets may be only weakly indicated. The occiput should be short and inconspicuous. Front feet are gentle.

The muzzle should be quite broad, slightly shorter than the skull and to be slightly wedge-shaped. Ahead is reasonably blunt ended, should not be pointed. The muzzle is viewed from the side straight.

Lips should not be too thick. They must fit snugly to the jaws and teeth, so the bottom line of the muzzle forms the border of the mandible. The upper lip is covered with long shaggy hair. Jaws must be powerful; they require a complete scissor or pincer bite. Very tight undershot (lower jaw) is permitted. The teeth are large, white. Cheeks should be flat.

The eyes are fairly large, rounded, filling exactly the orbit cannot be sunken or protruding, and should be far enough apart saved. Lashes have to be very significant. Look lively, thoughtful, and insightful.

The earlobes are hanging in proportion to the size of the head of medium size, triangular, rounded tops. The rest must be hanging in the heat of passion to slightly lift, stretched peacefully towards the nose to reach 1/4 of the muzzle. Coat forms curls, but must be wavy, never to be short.

The neck is strong, muscular, oval shape, the neck slightly arched and clearly offset from the occipital skull landscape. It may not have the slightest hint lobe. Body must be strong and compact. Topline of body from withers to croup equals. Tap must be in normal stance, higher than the croup. The back is straight and muscular, chest deep and spacious so that it reaches to the elbows. Ahead is rather narrow, the sixth rib extends rearward. The bottom line of the body is in a long straight and the sternum towards the stern rises slightly.

The forelegs when viewed from the front and sides vertically to ground. Shoulders should be long enough muscled, strong, firm and tightly attached to your chest. Tops of the blades are close to each other, but extend high enough and far backwards. The shoulder bones are soft but well-muscled, as long as the shoulder blade. Elbows pointing straight backwards, must be neither turned in nor out, neither too close to the trunk, fitting. The skin on them is fine. The forearm should be perfectly vertically to ground, forming bone are strong, compact and oval.

Represent wrist when viewed from the front straight continuation of the forearm, to be gentle, but firm and elastic. Feet should have a nearly round shape, are tight, arched, well-knit toes. Nails must be strong and curved. The pads are ticked inter-digital duplications should be significant.

Hindquarters from the rear straight are parallel. They must be strong; robustness corresponds to the size of the individual. Thighs should be long, legs well-muscled, strong bones, ankle broad, powerful but dry, pointing straight backwards, nor the convergent or divergent. The hind legs are rather oval in shape and their fingers should be slightly less arched than forefeet.

The loin should be short, firm, when viewed from the side, slightly domed and wide as long, or slightly wider. Croup is the appropriate length and width. It is well muscled and slightly sloping.

The tail must not be too high nor too low set, towards the tip tapers to be so long as to achieve just the hock. At rest is carried hanging at the end of the upward curved sickle, increased attention is clearly borne above, at work and in the heat of passion over the back, but not twisted.

Coat of woolly texture never twisted to form thin cords, semi-rough on the surface, with tight, ring shaped curls, with visible undercoat. Curls must be evenly distributed all over the body and tail, except on the head, where the curls are not as tight forming, abundant eyebrows, whiskers and beard.

Off-white solid colour, white with brown or orange patches, orange roan, brown roan, brown (in different shades) with or without white, orange with or without white. Some dogs have a brown to dark brown mask. Tan markings (in different shades) allowed.