Swiss Hound - Bernese Hound


Swiss Hound - Bernese  Hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized hounds.

General Appearance:

It's a lively and passionate hunting dog, it can be always that. During hunting it behaves totally independently, it excels in perfect sense of direction and quick decision-making during work on track. It has an excellent sense of smell, and when hunting it behaves very effectively.

With other dogs it is tolerated well and very good with children, too. It is friendly, sociable and never overly aggressive. Some people say it is not suitable breed for apartment and for city. It's not true. If you have the opportunity to get as often as possible to nature, and sometimes hunting it can be as efficient hunting dog, so likeable companion dog living in a city apartment.

Training / Behaviour:

During hunting it works with passion, at home it is calm and obedient dog when it got appropriate education. However, blind slavish obedience by this breed, as from any other hound, we cannot expect or enforce. Although it is close to its owner but it is used to decide by it.

The owner must keep in mind that dog has been for centuries and it is often nowadays used exclusively to hunt. Its hunting instinct is very strong and commanding it, despite all the love to owners it is looking for every   little suitable opportunities to escape to nature, seeking animal tracks, etc. Therefore, very often it runs away, keep this breed especially in urban areas and their surroundings, in the densely populated countryside it can cause many dangers.


This breed is a medium-sized, well-built, powerful and durable dog. Dry head framed by long earlobes and elongated muzzle gives it a classy look. Length of body is to height at withers about 1.15: 1, so the body frame is rectangular shortly. Body length means the distance from the top of the breastbone after buttock pan. Height at withers, male is from 49 to 59 cm for female is from 47 to 57 cm. No tolerance shall be permitted.

The head has an elongated, narrow, dry, refined, slightly above the domed skull. The nose is black and appropriately large nostrils are wide open.

Teeth should be complete, the teeth are large, scissor bite is required, complete and regular, which means that 6 upper incisors closely overlapping down teeth 6, both of which are planted in the jaws. Level bite is acceptable. The absence of one or two first or second premolars (P1 or P2) tolerated. On the molars 3 (M3) is not taken into account.

The eyes are dark or light brown, depending on coat colour, medium-sized, slightly oval in shape, gentle expression. The edges of the eyelids perfectly fitting to the eyeballs and are fully pigmented.

Hanging ears are set below the line of eyes in the back of the skull. At the base are the widest, they have to be narrower than in its widest game, overall, a narrow, supple, and so long that stretched ahead without violence, reaching at least the tip of the nose. Corkscrew be slightly curved inwards, the tops curved and covered with very fine hair. Mouth of the external auditory canal must be removed.

The neck is long, elegant, moderately muscled and flows into the shoulders. The skin at the throat is somewhat loose but is not noticeable lobe.

Tail - set in the line of the croup should be medium length towards the tip, tapering at the end it is noble curved upward. Must be appropriately coated on the underside, however, may not be sparse protruding longer guard hairs, which gave it the appearance of "corn cob with awns."

Chest is deeper than deep so that it reaches at least to the straight backwards towards the highlights elbow joints. Its depth is to height at withers about 1: 2 forelegs should be muscular, but dry, not rough, reasonably strong bones. When viewed from the front are parallel when viewed from the side is vertical substrate.

The hindquarters must be powerfully muscled. Cardinality matches forelegs and when viewed from the rear is vertical to the ground and parallel to each other.

The coat is short, smooth and dense, head and ear lobes very soft.

Its colour must be "blue", a mixture of hair of black and white colour, very thick black dotted with black patches or saddle (blue roan) and bolder or lighter tan markings above the eyes, cheeks, the front of the chest, around the anus and on the feet. Permissible is also black "cloak".

To negative defects count significant fearfulness or aggressiveness, overall atypical look, total de-pigmentation of the nose, overshot or undershot jaw, irregular or wry bite Ectropion or entropion (even if the defect was surgically corrected), tail curled like a trumpet postilion, ring, hooked, malformed, gnarled or kink.