Cymric Cat

Man, England
Manx cats
Breed Type:
semi-longhair cat
Body type:
3.5 to 5.5 kg
Colour varieties:
white, black, blue, red, cream, blue cream, bicolour, calico, black smoke shaded, chin

History: Cymric variant Manx cats are the cats with semi-long coat. The origin of both breeds is coming from the Isle of Man, which lies close to England. How they got there it is not clear, but it probably originated as a result of mutation. The Manx cat lovers became interested in cats already in the late 19th century. They exported but only short-haired individuals and their relatives with longer hair, they were interested in them later. Finally they got another name of the breed - Cymric. That in Welsh means "coming from Wales."

Cymric cats can be crossed by each other they can cross with Manx too. Despite other names belong to one and breed shorthair cats Manx´s sometimes even spontaneously kittens born semi long haired through gene for long hair in some of their lines.

Temperament: From Manx cats Cymric cats are different in character. They are friendly, affectionate and very balanced, shining peace. You can trust these cats and they get well with another cats and dogs. They can learn to walk with a harness and some of them can even retrieve. It is a particularly playful animals that they like children. Absence of tail it does not prevent them from being the good climbers.

Body: Cymric cats have the same standard as Manx cats, except the hair. They are massive, medium-sized cat whose body forms a rounded and compact impression. The hind legs are noticeably longer. Round head having a sloping profile. Wide ears are not set too high. At the base they are wide and open. The eyes are large and round.

Cymric specific aspect is the cat's tail. It is known to five of its length: Rump (completely tailless cat), rump-riser (cat having a maximum of three sacral vertebrae and no tail vertebrae) stupmy (cat short blunt tail) longie (cat with incomplete bobtail) and tailed (cat with full tail). At cat show are accepted only the first three varieties.

Coat: long double coat has a slight tendency to rough. By the touch the coat is wonderfully soft, dense and elastic.

Care: Coat of Cymric cats does not require special care. Just brush it regularly and then comb. Increased care they need if they want to participate at the cat shows. It can be a week before the show, or bathe regularly powder coat non-greasy and non-perfumed talc powder. After such care seems Cymric cat hair clean and fresh. The sharp end of the claws when it is necessary to cut and clean the ears if it is needed.

Colour varieties: Cymric cats are kept only in natural colours of domestic cats, therefore, in red, black and blue tortoise, patterns and even with white spots or without them, or pure white. All eye colours are allowed.