Exotic Cat

Place of Origin:
American Shorthair and Persian cat
Breed type:
Short-haired cat
Body Type:
Medium large, thick
3 - 6.5 kg
Colourful variety:
All colours of Persian and American Shorthair cats

History: The origin of   Exotic Cat dates back to the 1960s in the US when American Shorthair Cat matted Persian Longhair Cat. The kittens were definitely of Persian origin, but with a short coat by father. Kittens achieved great popularity to public and it was decided to start a breeding program. Because of the birth of kittens with both long and short coats in each litter, they are registered according to the length of the coat either as Exotic or as Persian longhair Cats. Breeding of this cat is not easy, so there are not so many kennels.

Temperament: Exotic Cats are nice in nature, well-handled, playful, brisk, social and comfortable in their home environment. No more problems are accepted by other animals (including dogs), and children they can tolerate them well. However, they do not like training. Overall, they have a balanced character, similar to Persian. It has their own soft and pleasant voice.

Body: Stocky structure of body with a distinct head of Persian and a short coat often called a "teddy bear". In contrast to common shorthaired breeds, however, its coat is a bit longer and fuller. The coat should be everywhere as long, dense, soft and glossy as it should outgo the body. Splatter hair and earbuds are considered defects. Stuffed body with deep chest and short, but strong legs. The front legs should be flat and the paws large and round. Shoulders and back should be massive, the back should be straight. The tail should be short, but adequate to the body; with a round toe, carried straight down.

The Exotic Cat is characterized by a large round head, a strong and short neck. The face has a full, strong chin. The nose is short and wide. The ears are rounded, pointed forward, set far apart. The eyes are large and round, also set apart. All of this is compounded by the round expression of the face with a generous expression.

Care: Coat´s care is not demanding, but regular hair removal must be removed by combing. Once a week brushing should be done with a soft brush. If the cat is moulting, use a rubber brush. Sometimes their   tear canals are blocked, so the hair around the eyes and eye corners should be kept clean.

Colour variants:

  • Full colours are black, blue, red, cream, chocolate and lily. Cats with full colour have deep orange eyes, or may have blue eyes or even multi-coloured. These cats must not have any white hairs in the coat, from the root to the tip the hair must be coloured.
  • Party colours are cats with a white spot, each with its own name according to the layout of the white and the blotch. These include bath tubs, herleck, bicolour, tricolour. Tricolours, of which black is predominant, are also called black tortoiseshells with white. If the blue colour is predominant, it is called blue tortoiseshell with white. The eye colour of these cats is orange.
  • Tortie - tortoise cats have different stains on the fur, but they must never be white. Stains are not as clearly bounded as with tortoise and white. They are rather smaller and tapering. The basic colour of the tortie is always black or its derivative as blue, chocolate and lily. For those cats where the colour is black, the other spots are red. The others are light creamy stains.
  • Tabby cats are known with four different types of hair coat - abyssinian, tigers, dotted and marbled. For these cats, the aim is to make coat of hair cooler. Colour shades of black, red, cream, blue, chocolate, or lily.
  • Colourpoints - cats with acromelanic badges are those in which the contrast between badges and body colour is as attractive as possible. We can find them in all colour ´s varieties like Persian long-haired cats with colour badges.
  • Silver - These cats have a silvery white background, whose colouring is caused by a gene that inhibits the formation of a pigment on the base of the hair. As a result, only part of the hair is pigmented.