Singapore Cat

Place of Origin:
Singapore, Malaysia
A natural breed
Breed type:
Short-haired cat
Body type:
Small, muscular
1.8 - 2.7 kg
Colourful variety:
Dark brown ticked tabby with ivory background

History: The name of the breed is coming from a small Republic in Southeast Asia, on the outskirts of Malaysia. Hal and Tommy Meadows visited Singapore in 1975, who had a street cat with a slim body and a special colour and Abyssinian patterns. So they decided to return to the United States with several similar cats and they set up a breeding program. At the end of the 1980s, Singapore cat was officially recognized by most organizations. Outside of the United States, however, a Singaporean cat is still little known. In order for the breed to remain as pure as possible, it crosses only with each other. Singapore cat is considered the smallest breed of domestic cat.

Nature: Singapore is a friendly and cozy cat of a peaceful nature. They are also playful and inquisitive. Although they are very devoted to their people, they can be shy to strangers.

Body: Small to medium sized cat with muscular legs and small oval paws. The compact muscular body must not be subsoil and has a slightly arched back. The legs are medium-length with small paws. The medium to long tail is slim and has a slightly rounded toe. The round head is situated on a fairly short muscular neck. The strikingly large ears stand straight. Big almond-shaped eyes have dark brown lined eyelids. Likewise, the nose is lined with dark brown.

Coat: The hair of a Singaporean cat is exceptionally short, soft and tight.

Care: Caring for Singapore's cat's hair is not complicated. Just brush it once a week with a cloth comb and polish by suede cloth to highlight the gloss. The sharp ends of the claws should be regularly cut and the ears cleaned only if necessary.

Colourful variety: The only colour in which Singapore is recognized is the dark brown ticked tabby ivory ground. Bands on the inside of the limbs are allowed. Cat Shows do not tolerate strips on the tail. Eyes are always green.