Cairn terier


Cairn Terrier Group III - Terriers, Section 2 - Small sized Terriers.

General Appearance:

From first look this dog does not look as attractive as all related Terriers. This breed was not groomed or combed as the other breed from Group III., it did not look a noble as its all relatives but owners love this breed due to its character. It's a dog cheerful, smart, playful, fearless, alert, confident, energetic and alert, never aggressive. For these reasons, the dog is mainly as a companion breed.

Despite its short legs it is moving agile and playful, its  position  it  is always braced into the paws of forelegs and equally firmly resting on parallel rather backward shifted hindquarters (back stand position) it is  always ready  immediately go into action where it must take part. Its expression is indicative of activity and interest in all the surrounding events. Its coat is resistant to weather and it does not hesitate to go for a walk, even if "it is raining dogs and cats" however, it would never be permanently kept in an outdoor pen. If you can always satisfy all its desire for playing during outdoor activity, it can be calmer at home.

Temperament/ Behaviour:

Separation from owner it would become an unhappy dog. It is socially based extrovert suitable for owners who prefer activity and they do not tolerate boredom. It is a guarantee that with this breed owner will never get bored. Besides walks it needs some mental work. It can be suitable for any dog sports conforming to its size (e.g. agility). This breed likes to train and compete by Terriers enthusiasm and passion.

Usually, if it does not have a bad experience with children, it loves children, especially older ones. This dog is very tolerant to children but some individuals of this breed are a little different personality. Some individuals must get used to children from the early socialization. Some Cairn Terriers may depend on their owner.  The others are extremely independent, which does not mean that it does not like its owner.

Despite its extrovert character there can be, especially some individuals, unexpectedly sensitive. Education must be kind and patient. It is not suitable for people frequently changing opinion or decision volatile, passive, unstable, and for those who love peace, calm above all.

We cannot forget that, especially in some individuals, still slumbering relatively strong hunting instinct, so it is wiser during walks, where dog can find the smell of game, owner should hold the dog on a leash. If it is searching on the track, it can refuse to return after calling, although it may be obedient.


It's small, low, but very stout Terrier whose height at withers is approximately 28 to 31 cm and it should be proportional to the weight of body. This is ideally in the range of 6 - 7.5 kg.

The head is rather small, but it must match the size of the overall body size. Skull should be rather broad. On the forehead, between the eyes, a pronounced longitudinal front furrow. The frontal slope (stop) should be distinct. The muzzle must be strong. The nose should be black. The teeth are large, powerful jaws, but not too long or rough, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, which means that six upper teeth incisors just covers six down teeth, both of which are set to jaws

Eyes should be medium-sized, dark hazelnut colour, stored under bristly eyebrows in eyecups deeper and adequately far apart. The earlobes are small, pointed and erected. They should not be set too close together or excessively hairy.

The neck should be properly set in the shoulders and must not be short; the back straight and medium length. The loin should be strong, flexible. The tail should be short, proportional to body size, covered with dense but not too long hair. It is not attached or too high or too low. It may be carried gaily up, but not over back.

Chest is deep, well arched. Last ribs extend well back, which significantly emphasizes the compactness of body building. Limbs are strong. Free part of the chest should be moderately long, hard but not rough bones, covered with thick coarse hair. Shoulders are oblique and their tops should be directed upwards and backwards. Elbows must never be loose. The hindquarters are very strong and muscular thighs. Knees should be adequately but not excessively bent. Hocks must be low over the base and when viewed from the rear nor the convergent or divergent.

Front feet are larger than the hind feet and can be loose. The pads should be thick and hard. Low, narrow or too arched feet are very undesirable. Movement should be totally relaxed, smooth and rich. Action forelegs should have the appropriate length. The pelvis must be a source of abundant forward driving force (a huge reflection). Hocks should not be for locomotion too close together or far apart.

Quality and characteristic of hair is important. It must reliably and resisting bad weather consists of rich hard but not too harsh topcoat and the undercoat is short, soft and dense, named - open coat is highly undesirable, slightly wavy. Its colour can be cream, wheaten, red, gray or almost black. All colours can be called-annealing - a single black or white colour and black and tan (black and tan) is inadmissible.

The most typical is considered a dark mask on the face muzzle and earlobes. Any deviation from the standard requirements must be considered as defects and precisely evaluated by severity with regard to the health and welfare of the male or female.