Chartreux Cat

A natural breed
Breed type:
Short-haired Cat
Body Type:
4 - 8 kg
Colour variants:
All shades of blue

History: Although there are several hypotheses about the origins of Chartreux Cat, none of them are conclusively proven. However, in the 16th century, it is referred to Blue Shorthaired Cats that were occurred in Rome and in France. In the 18th century, the name Charteux appears regularly in books and articles when it is mentioned to Blue Shorthaired Cats from Paris.

The name was probably given to this breed according to the isolated hilly region of France Grand Chartreuse, where the Order of the Cartesian monks kept Blue Cats in the monastery from immemorial time. However, this hypothesis is not confirmed and there is still a lot of unclear about the origin and name of Chartreux Cats.

Although in the past, thanks to their similarity, they were crossed with British Shorthair Cats, it is now considered undesirable and crossbreeding is not allowed. Till now, this breed is especially popular in France and Belgium.

Temperament: The character of a Chartreux Cat is a certain extent, as well as its appearance, it coincides with a British Shorthair Cat. They are friendly, well-tuned cats, with a calm and balanced nature. With other cats and dogs get well and because of their small aggression they are good friends for children too. Although it is not dependent on a person, it does not like to spend much time alone. It likes to play tand climb, and it uses its gentle voice only exceptionally.

Body: The Chartreux Cat is quite similar to a British Shorthair Cat. The most important external differences between them it is the shape of the head and the shape, location and size of the ears. Medium to large muscular body of a cartoon cat is massively built, giving a robust impression. The legs are fairly high and the paws relatively large. The tail is medium length, wide in deployment and converging to rounded toe. The head has the shape of an inverted trapezoid and it is slightly longer than the wider. Nose with straight profile is wide and long. Medium-sized ears are high on their heads. The big eyes must not be too round. The outer corners of the eye are slightly raised.

Coat: Double coat of Chartreux Cat is shiny. It has a dense and wavy undercoat, which makes the hair drip off the body. By the touch it is delicate feeling.

Care: Normally, it is enough to brush cat's hair once a week. You can use a rubber brush during the washing. Excessive combing could damage the coat. If necessary, you can use for a non-perfumed greasy tartar powder that you brush after. If necessary, clean ears and cut claws.

Colour variants:

All shades of blue from light blue-grey to dark blue-grey are allowed. However, priority is given to individuals with lighter coats. More silvery colour has a coat on the nose, on paws, the edges of the paws and the back of the ears. The colour of the eyes is golden yellow to amber, with no hint of green. Eye´s colour gets lighter during cat age.