Azawakh-Group X - Sighthounds, Section 3 - Short-haired Sighthounds.

General Appearance:

Its character is a lively, alert, watchful, but distant dog distinctly with introverted foundation. Especially to strangers it is very reserved, it can be sometimes almost petulant, but otherwise it is calm and nice. It does not seek any disputes and if somebody wants to make contact and dog is not interested in, it retires to the sidelines. Hardly ever stranger can make any closer contact with this breed, it is usually difficult or impossible. People with whom it is willing to make friends, it is choosing only itself.


It needs owner who is supremely calm, prudent, patient, with appropriate perspective that even in critical situations. Owner does not increase the intensity of voice. Already with the smallest puppy it is necessary to start gradual, completely nonviolent, but a systematic socialization, and must be followed as well nonviolent, gradual, rather a game based education. And this should be a very sweet, but stubbornly consistent. It is not suitable for beginners, but even not for people who do not have with dog foundations character like this enough experience.

Despite all its remoteness it needs to live in constant touch with a person permanently housed in an outdoor kennel it can be but it suffers. Like every Greyhound needs plenty of exercise. Assuming successful socialization and education may attend Greyhound racing, both on the track and in the field.


This is a high-legged and extremely elegant, very noble Greyhound. Physique must be generally light beneath the skin is not only evident relief of skeletal muscle, but also a substantial portion of the skeleton. The format of the body corresponds to the ranking of the rectangle on the short side, which means that it is higher than the longer. Height at withers male is 64 to 74 cm and for female is 60 to 70 cm. The weight of body, male is between 20-25 kg for females between 15 to 20 kg.

The head should be long, chiselled, lean and narrow, should not be too large. Skull requires a long, almost flat above. When viewed from the side should be the top line of the skull in the imaginary extension of slightly divergent (divergent) with the muzzle. Browridges as well as longitudinal furrow are a little apparent longitudinal sagittal crest extends longitudinally through the centre of the skull, clearly emerges and becomes a pronounced occipital protuberance. The frontal slope (stop) is very gradual, moderate. Precipitous would be considered a defect.

Muzzle should be elongated and as long as its skull. Towards to the nose, but it is not too much. The nose can be black or brownish, nostrils should be fully open. The jaws should be long and strong, it requires a scissor bite. Overshot or undershot jaw is a disqualifying fault. Cheeks should be flat.

The eyes are almond shaped, quite large. The iris is dark or amber colour. The eyelid rims should be fully pigmented. Ears should be set high enough, thin, always hanging surface and adjacent to the cheek. At the base should be broad enough and must never be folded backwards. They have a triangular shape and the tops are slightly rounded. When roused at the base of lift off.

The neck must be clearly indented from the head is long, lean, muscular, slightly arched in the nape. Skin is thin and on the neck does not form a hint lobe. Topline body extends horizontally or towards the hip bumps rising slightly. Withers are clearly visible. The loin should be short, dryly muscled, they are often slightly arched. Bumps pelvic bones stand out clearly and are high or slightly higher than the withers. Croup is steep, but not sloping.

The tail should be set on low, long, thin, lean and slender full length, covered by the same hair as the body. Tip of a white coloration. It is carried hanging down with slightly curved upward at the end. If the dog is in the affect it can be carried higher up above the top line of the body.

Chest: Seen from the front not to be too broad, the chest must be appropriately long and deep, but below the elbow. Towards the sternum should not be too much narrow. The ribs should be long, externally visible and towards the sternum gently and evenly arched. The bottom line of the body is to breed typical course. When viewed from the side suddenly, but without sharp fracture noticeably raised and gracefully arched stone goes up very high, exceeding just below the lumbar lots tucked abdomen.

The forelegs are long, very slender, in position almost perfectly vertical to ground. They must be absolutely straight. Shoulders should be long, dryly muscled when viewed from the side slightly oblique, i.e. pretty steep. Front feet are rounded, with slender, tightly knit toes. The pads should be fully pigmented.

The hindquarters must be long, dryly muscled. It is necessary to be absolutely equal and in position vertical to ground. Thighs should be long, dry, well below the skin apparent musculature. The hocks are straight, lean, without dewclaws. The hind feet should be round and fully pigmented padded.

The skin must be thin, on the whole body immediately adjacent to the skeletal muscle and skin. The coat is short, fairly thin, abdomen greatly reduced, often missing here.

Coat colour should be red. All shades from pale red across the sandy red to tan red are permissible. Black is not a defect annealing, white markings on the legs must be bounded, which means that they must not interfere too high and coalescing e.g. with a white chest. In the face may or may not have a black mask. White "blaze" on the forehead appears only occasionally. Front chest is white "bib", which is typical as well as the white tail tip. On all four legs must be white "socks" or "stockings" at least must be white paws.