N - FCI recognized breeds.

General Appearance:

It's absolutely reliable, obedient, intelligent dog, firm and balanced character, with extremely developed defensive watchdog instinct that it manifests itself in from an early age. It is confident, extremely courageous, and to its own people is very considerate. Its master's affectionate to death and it loves all its family members, especially children.


Due to the strong inclination to guard and protect it needs from an early educate at youth age by friendly, but absolutely uncompromising consistency. To be a companion dog, owner must simultaneously ensure its early socialization. It belongs only to the experienced owners, people calm and balanced character, which can be at his upbringing and keeping up sober and consistent. They must be endowed with natural authority and the dog must never for a moment to doubt the lawfulness of the α-positions in society, only then will unreservedly recognize.

Breed does not belong in any case to complete beginners, but even people who need extensive experience with other breeds, but his training methods dog refuses or it is unable to adapt character features such a dog.

Even if it is held as a social dog, it should be allowed an opportunity suitable type of activity. Recommendable it is sports training, even if it is not the meaning and purpose of participation in high-level competitions. Defence when it is not necessary it does not train. The purpose and goal of training must in all cases be especially perfect handling in all situations, even in adulthood. This is due to its strength and foundation of its character certainly more important than the precise execution of various exercises obedience of any test procedure. It is suitable for sports activity e.g. training for competition in pulling and participation.

Because it is a very dominant dog, it is recommendable to walk with it on outings in principle on a leash, so that there is always at least a half-step behind the owner, because according to the laws of the dog pack leader goes first individual that determines where to go. Therefore, it must be in front each holder. Although it is explicitly giant breeds, it is necessary to pay special attention to its  diet at a time of intense growth and replacement of milk teeth for permanent, especially in terms of composition and quality.


It's a big, strong, perfectly balanced robust Mastiff dog with a powerfully developed musculature. At first glance, should be impressive. Dogs must act decidedly male and female appearance. Ideal height at withers male is 66 cm, min. 61 cm, the maximum is not fixed, but the most important is the overall perfect proportionality. Females, the ideal height at withers is 61 cm and can range from 55 to 69 cm and they are the most important balance overall appearance. Body weight ma le is from 70 - 85 kg , female is from 50 to 65 kg.

The head must be short, massive square with powerfully muscled cheeks among the earlobes and wide when viewed from the deep. Females head slightly smaller, less significant than dogs, at first glance female. The skull is wide, above the earlobes flat, with well-defined muscles relief. The zygomatic arches are very prominent, skin wrinkles between the eyes, constitute only if the dog warily guards, or if it is focused elsewhere on the head should not be too noticeable wrinkles.

Muzzle has sizes correspond to the total size of the head. Its length cannot be larger than 10 cm. It must be strong and powerful and smoothly and harmoniously merges into the skull. It should be wide, and when viewed from the side the deep forwardly when viewed from above may be slightly tapered. The frontal slope (stop) is pronounced, but not abrupt, because the game between the eyes should be well filled.

Nasal bridge must be straight, not when viewed from the side towards the nose nor lift up, or bow down. The muzzle in profile is parallel to the imaginary extension of the upper line of the skull. Nose must be black, never have liver brown in colour, nostrils wide open.

Jaws should be strong, firm, broad and toward the nose rather narrow. Bottom may be slightly longer than the upper. Teeth should be white, strong, evenly spaced jaws. Teeth are required to complete bite should be scissors is acceptable and small adjoining undershot jaw. Lips must be clear, meaty, but not too thick. In females they are less conspicuous, which corresponds to sexual type. The upper lip overlaps the sides of the bottom, but does not extend beyond the bottom edge of the lower jaw. Ahead, under the nose, lower lip does not overlap. It should not be too loose (baggy) or excessively thick.

The eyes are large, expressive, imposed fairly deep in the eye socket and fairly wide apart, definitely should not be prominent. They can have mixed coloured light brown, yellowish-brown or dark brown, blue or grey-coloured eyes are permitted. Eyelids tightly fitting to the eyeballs and have fully pigmented dark edges.

The earlobes are suspended, "V", medium-sized to match the overall size of the head. At the base should be broad and the area adjacent to the cheek. They should be set high enough in the heat of passion should be their base at the upper line of the skull. Too long, erect or semi-erect ears are considered to be gross defect.

The neck must move seamlessly into the head and into the shoulders, into which is set fairly high. It is very strong, muscular and towards the trunk widens to be reasonably long. Its length must match the length of the fuselage. Short or too long neck like the neck of low set in the shoulders undesirable. Neck is slightly arched, loose skin on the neck, but may not extend up to the chest, between the front forelegs free to be no longer allowed.

The body when viewed from above towards the loin narrows slightly. Topline body should be straight. The spine is broad, straight and very muscular with a strong muscular relief. The chest should be broad, broad, deep, well muscled, adequately arched ribs.

The forelegs are strong, straight, strength proportionate to the cardinality of the body. They must match the length and strength of the overall size of the dog. When viewed from the front should be their stance wide. Shoulders should be heavily muscled and well angulated, with peaks pointing obliquely upwards and backwards.

Muscle is a powerful on shoulders. Elbows must not be turned in or out. Pasterns are short, strong and not in nor out, in or out. Feet are required large, enclosed, with well developed padded. Must face directly forward, must be neither turned in nor out. Toes are nicely arched, massive claws, curved, dark colour.

The hindquarters should be strong and solid, must correspond to the total size of the dog. They are well-muscled thighs should be broad, powerful, with a distinct muscle relief. Knees should be strong, firm, bent accordingly may not be in or out. Crus are well muscled with a well-defined (Rendered) muscled, hocks strong, properly bent, short vamp, strong, solid, and when viewed from the rear must not  be turned in or out, must be perfectly parallel to each other. Cow hocks are highly undesirable. The hind legs are circular in shape, smaller than the fore paws. They must face directly forward, must be turning in or out. The pads have to be tall, strong nails, curved, dark colour. Dewclaws should be removed.

The loin is short, powerfully muscled and may be slightly arched. The croup should be strong, broad and very muscular. The tail is set high, either docked to a length of three vertebrae, or the unabridged straight. Docked  is  preferred unabridged is considered atypical.
It is dark pigmented skin should be thick, loose, so instead of forming folds. The coat should be short and dense, smoothly fitting. Its colour can be cream, brindle (of any colour), light tan or yellow, grey, red, or brown. All colours may be white markings without them. It is desirable that the white markings are either completely missing or there were as little as possible, but white blaze on the forehead and white markings on the front chest, feet and wrists ( "socks") shall be permitted. Black mask on its face may be, but it is not needed.