Bourbonnais pointing dog


Bourbonnais pointing dog - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1 - Continental Pointing Dogs, Type “Braque”.

General Appearance:

It is very quiet, mild-mannered, totally devoted to its owner, and therefore also suitable for beginners. It gets well with other dogs and with children, small pets, it is appropriate to get used them from an early age.

It needs a lot of movement. Although in its country of origin it is seen mostly as a hunting breed entirely, it might be also a sweet, gentle and friendly companion dog. Pleasure for it is an opportunity to get at least one at a time searching for small game birds in the field.


It has great working ability it makes from it a good hunting dog. When it is hunting it shows passion and intelligence. It is suitable for hunting different species of wild game heterogeneous nature. It is seeking typically, like for pointing hounds, with a high nose and perfectly pointing.


It's rugged, compact Shorthaired Pointer of Hound type, with no signs of stoutness. It should be of medium size, strong and muscular. The impression of strength, it is not missing the necessary swift. Females are slightly less stocky, elegant. The body length is equal to or s larger than height at withers that the body frame is max short rectangular. Height at withers, male is from 51 to 57 cm for female is 48 to 55 cm (with a tolerance of + / -1 cm).

The head has a typical pear shape and size to body size. Must not be too heavy (gross), or excessively light (soft). The skull is rounded when viewed from either side, and from the sides. Above shall be rounded. When viewed from the side, the topline in the imaginary extension of the line of the muzzle, or it may be slightly divergent (divergent). The frontal slope (stop) should be gradual. The muzzle must be strong and wide at its base. Toward the nose tapers slightly, so that it has the shape of a truncated cone. Its length is slightly less than the length of the skull.

Nasal bridge may be flat or slightly convex (domed, with a hint down-faced). The nose should be large, wide open nostrils. Jaws should be strong, equally long, teeth large, with complete scissor bite and pincer bite is not well tolerated.

The eyes are large, hazel or dark amber colour. The earlobes are set b in the eye level of a line or a little lower, hanging, medium length, so its peaks reach to the neck or, which is desirable, a little lower. At the base they are quite wide, against the head and are flat or slightly curled inwards corkscrew. Front feet should be gradual.

The neck is too long to be muscular and well set into the shoulders. But not long dewlap tolerated. Topline of body is straight and strong, with a strong tap. The back must be strong, powerfully muscled loin is short, broad and muscular, firmly attached to the back.

The tail is rather low. Some individuals are born with a bobtail (brachyurie), there are also innately tailless (anuria).

The chest is wide, long and deep so that it reaches the elbows or slightly below. Sternum should interfere as far as possible backwards. Ribs are properly sprung. The bottom line of the body towards the rear rises. Flanks not sunken and should be little rolled up.

The forelegs should be heavily muscled and in front view perpendicular to the substrate. Elbows close to your chest may not be turning in or out. Forearms are straight, muscular and strong, but not coarse bones. Feet are straight, turned in or out. They have a round or slightly elongated (spooned) shape, and tight, arched toes with strong, rigid padded and strong claws.

The hindquarters are boned, strongly muscled, seen from behind, vertical to the ground, parallel to each other. Hocks low over the base, solid, properly bent, feet same as the forequarters. Step should be reasonably spacious. When hunting is the most common movement steady, steady, elastic at the gallop.

The coat is short, dense, fine, on the back a little longer and coarser on the head and earlobes finer and shorter. Colour should be mostly white with tiny dots chestnut brown or pale lilac variety of satiety.