Kishu - Group V - Spitz and primitive types, Section 5 - Asian Spitz and related breeds.

General Appearance:

It's a remarkably persistent, noble, dignified behaviour, loyal, docile and very alert, resilient, energetic, bright, intelligent and energetic dog. As a guard is always alert ready to defend himself and the owner. As a hunting dog has a remarkable adaptability to different climatic conditions (it does not matter either cold or hot), passion and enthusiasm at work and considerable acuity for - varmint.

Today it is used in country of origin as in the past - especially for hunting wild boar. Previously was used to hunt also a deer. But also it excels in extreme independence and self-confidence, which is reflected not only during the hunting, when it relies mainly on itself and it does not wait for commands (there is usually no way), but also in everyday situations.

Temperament / Behaviour:

Although to the owners and members of owner´s family it is friendly and nice, breed is not suitable for everyone. It is suitable for people tolerant, peaceful, consistent with natural authority, able to peacefully exercise it at any time. Only those who are endowed with these qualities sufficiently dog will be regarded as the leader of "pack" and fully respected.

The owner must understand its mentality and educate it with a thoroughly benevolent, but strict consistency from an early age - but always without the slightest pressure, it is proud dog that hates all pressure. It is absolutely necessary the widest early socialization for this breed, otherwise there will be many problems   in adulthood. Later there could appear by dog unfriendly attitude and threatened by the strangers and the unknown dogs and small pets. Slavish obedience from it cannot be expected neither required. Socialization and education must carry on great handling with dog in different situations.

If it should be use as a social breed, it cannot live all its life in an outdoor kennel. Year-long stay in pen in isolated outdoor pen for dog is not dog, however, it will suffer mentally and communication with dog later it would have been quite difficult. Between dog and the owner should be created a relationship based on mutual trust and respect, important for mutual coexistence, but also for the performance of the hunt. It demands a movement, free range. However, it is advisable only on fenced land.

Due to hunting past and character is not advisable to embark during walks the dog without the leash. Options its hunting use in European conditions are limited, in abroad it is used mainly as a companion and watch dog.


This is a medium-sized dog perfectly balanced, strong, compact body and powerful skeleton with strong muscles, the format of the body is short rectangular. The height at withers, male is 52 cm, females about 46 cm with a tolerance for both sexes + / -3 cm.

The skull has a wide forehead with a shallow longitudinal front furrow. The frontal slope is quite steep the muzzle must be strong enough wedge to the nose. The nasal dorsum should be straight, black nose, with pure white dogs may have mass (pink-rose) colour.

Lips are tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth that are strong. Scissor bite is required. Cheeks should be relatively strong, stand slightly to the side because the muscles strong. Eyes are quite small, almost triangular in shape, quite apart located in orbit with dark brown irises.

Ears should be small, triangle-shaped, slightly tilt forward and firmly pricked. The neck is strong, muscular. Withers have to be high, back straight and short. Loins are broad, muscular. The tail should be high, thick, carried upward and tightly curled or curved sickle over the back and shoulders. If suspended, reaching toe around the hock.

The chest should be deep, ribs moderately well sprung. Abdomen should be tucked up clearly. The forelegs are slightly oblique, very muscular shoulders, the longitudinal axis of the grip in the shoulder joints with humerus appropriate angles. The elbows close to the body, forearms are straight pasterns when viewed from the side slightly askew. Paws are well arched and toes with strong and flexible padded and hard claws, preferably dark colours together tightly fitting. The hindquarters have long legs, short legs and a strong firm hocks. The movement is light and flexible.

The top coat should be harsh and straight, on cheeks and tail fairly long, soft, dense undercoat. Coat colour may be white, red or called - sesame (red fawn hairs formed colour with black tips).

Any deviations from the foregoing points should be considered as a fault and accurately assessed by the degree of expression with regard to the health and welfare of the male or female. Defects include female type dogs (due to underdeveloped secondary sex characteristics, so the dog at first looks like a female), masculine and female too long coat.

To negative defects belong aggression or fearfulness, significant overshot or undershot jaw, otherwise than carried erect ears, hanging down, short tail and cowardice.