Shiba Inu


Shiba Inu - Group V. - Spitz and Primitive types.

General Appearance:

This breed is a faithful, obedient, alert, smart, insightful and honest dog that stands out for its size surprising courage. Under all circumstances, it does not cause conflicts, but it is always ready to defend, even an opponent is much larger than this breed, even if it cost it, its health and even life. It is said, it is "Samurai dog". Due to absolute fearlessness it was also used for hunting deer and bears.

It's a maverick, very independent, never slavishly obedient, but it can also be very sociable, cheerful, playful and creative while playing. It can feel any feedback it likes make people happy. It likes to be in the centre of attention and it cannot miss anything that's happening around. It is an excellent guard, promptly notify all unusual by loud barking.

It is very curious and for a long time it is able to monitor (e.g. from windows) intently surrounding events. Therefore, it should have access to the apartment window, but rather when it is closed.

As regards movement, it is extremely flexible. If the owner has little time short walks when sometime owner can go hiking, it is good for it. It is suitable for people tolerant and calm, able to respect individuality.

Temperament / Behaviour:

For some owners, it is not a simple training, the question remains whether the selected educational and training methods are always adequate its character. Positive motivation is essential during education and training, for every success it should be not only glowing praise, but also a tangible reward. It is not a breed suitable for everyone. It needs enough space to exercise its intelligence and quirky individuality.


It's small, perfectly balanced dog with strong constitution, strong skeleton with a relatively powerful muscles. Height at withers relates to length of body as 10:11, short body frame is rectangular. Height at wither is, male 40 cm and female is about 37 cm with a tolerance (both sexes) + / - 1.5 cm.

The nasal dorsum should be straight. Desirable is black nose. The teeth must be strong, it requires a scissor bite. Eyes should be fairly small, triangular in shape, with dark brown coloured irises. The outer eye corners are slightly higher than the inside. The earlobes should be fairly small, triangular in shape, turned forward and firmly pricked.

Chest is deep with properly sprung ribs. The tail is high, thick, carried up tightly curled or curved sickle over the back and shoulders. If it is drawn down, reaching almost to the tip of hock.

Feet are tight, sufficiently arched toes with rigid and flexible padded and fixed, if possible dark-coloured claws.

The coat consists of a top coat should be harsh and straight and the undercoat that is soft and dense. On the tail hair is slightly longer and wispy. Colouration may be red, black and tan, called-sesame (consisting of a uniform mixture of white and black guard hairs), black sesame (made up a greater proportion of black than white guard hairs) and red sesame (consisting of a uniform mixture of red and black guard hairs). By all colours must be coat on the sides of the muzzle, on the cheeks, jaw, throat and chest, abdomen, underside of the tail and the inside of the legs - whitish colour.

Faults include overshot or undershot jaw, missing a large number of teeth, shyness, aggression or fearfulness, earlobes differently than carried erect, tail hanging or short.