Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Group III - Terriers, Section 3 : Bull Types Terriers.

General Appearance:

It excels in boundless courage and tenacity. It is brave, fearless, intelligent, obedient, affectionate, especially with children, and totally reliable. It has an unusually developed sense of humour. It is a cheerful, always willing to participate in any "crazy" behaviour. It never spoils any fun. It is the friend of all people. Sometimes only it keeps a certain distance from a completely unknown or suspicious persons, but otherwise it is pleased acquainted with new people and dogs.

It is a good dog for children. It loves them and they love this dog as well as other family members. It feels rightfully a full member of society and it is truly happy only when it's allowed to be member of family. There is not good to keep the dog permanently in an outdoor kennel, it suffers psychologically, it can only one who does not understand this dog.


It is necessary at an early age properly socialized .The dog is friend of other pets (pets). Despite these excellent properties it needs an owner who is the real leader of the pack, insistent and incipient under all situations consistently. Otherwise it loves "love for family-pack", which, according to dog laws cannot exist without a capable leader, dog has a tendency to assume α-position itself, which means that its obedience to deteriorate significantly and become more militant to other dogs and suspicious persons. It is a manifestation of natural instinct canines to prevent disruption of the pack which it belongs and whose existence is a basic condition for survival.

This breed is not for everybody, owner cannot be a beginner. It must be a person with unique properties and interesting appearance. People inconsistent, indecisive, frequently changing their requirements, hesitant and without natural authority they should find another breed. Although it is undoubtedly a descendant of dogs wrestling, its reputation considerable damage that it is often counted among the "fighting breeds". Properly socialized and raised dog is in no way aggressive, even to people or to other dogs.


It's smooth-haired, perfectly balanced, and its size, very strong dog. Weight of body, male is 12.5 - 17 kg , for female, is  11 - 15.5 kg. Required height at withers ranges from 35.5 to 40.5 cm.

The head is short, skull deep (high) and wide. The chewing muscles are powerfully developed. Causing bulging cheeks and emphasizes the width of the head. The frontal slope (stop) is steep.  Muzzle should be short, black nose.

Jaws are strong, teeth large. Desirable is perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, upper six incisors just cover six down ones, both of which are square to the jaws. Lips should be clean-cut and tight fitting to the jaws and teeth.

The eyes are round and medium-sized, positioned so that straight. Preference is given to a dark-coloured, but their colour can also match the colour of the coat. The edges of the eyelids are dark.

Earlobes can be folded backwards (i.e. the shape of a pink ticket) or sideways banked and should not be either too large or heavy. Forward drop or pricked ears are highly undesirable.

The neck is muscular, rather short, sharp outlines. To the shoulder is expanding. The body must be tightly bound (relatively short and stout). Topline body should be horizontal, chest broad front, chest deep, formed properly sprung ribs, powerfully muscled, smooth contour lines.

The tail should be moderately long, low set, to the tip tapers. Is carried rather low, it should not be too twisted, but it may be slightly curved rod like an old pump.

The forelegs are straight, strong bones, in position rather further apart (attitude has to be wide enough). Shoulders are moderately oblique, elbows may not be clear, the wrists should not show signs of weakness, or (stepped down), feet may be slightly loose. The hindquarters are well muscled, knees bent properly, hocks low to the substrate. Feet should be of medium size, strong, rigid padded. Nails are uniformly coloured in black individuals.

The gait is free, energetic, agile and yet economical. Legs are in action as seen from the front and rear parallel to the median longitudinal vertical plane of the body. Pelvic must be a source of abundant forward driving force (reflection).

The coat is short, smooth and contiguous. Colouration can be uniformly red, fawn, white, black or blue, mottled (any of these colours with white), any shade of brindle or any shade of brindle with white. Only black and tan or liver (chocolate) colour is highly undesirable.