Pharaoh hound


Pharaoh Hound- Group V. - Spitz and called. Primitive, Section 6 - Primitive breeds.

General Appearance:

Pharaoh hound is lively and agile, able to hunt by sneezing, that is not for greyhound completely normal, and it can use vision too, while it is working it can use hearing. For some people, it is the best - perceptive, silent and totally unobtrusive - companion. It is an intelligent dog, docile, but also very proud. It is reclusive and cold. It is quiet, seldom barks, even if it tends to watch. It is never aggressive.


To owner and family it is friendly and hospitable; it is a playful and social. Unidentified persons it does not notice, and if it wants, but sometime it can make an intimate relationship with strange person, it is extremely reserved, usually turns away. Who would like to be its friend better wait for its decision?

Certainly it cannot be kept permanently in an outdoor kennel it needs to live with humans. It is characterized by considerable autonomy and self-esteem, and therefore sometimes it has the reputation of the breed that it can be trained properly. When education is necessary to respect its personality, herd and individual peculiarities, to deal with it quietly, gently, gently, gently, but thoroughly and utterly much praise it. In order to live together with little domestic pets (pets) it must already be at a very early age broadly and systematically socialized.

It has a deeply encoded hunting instinct, and it tends to hunt. It requires a lot of movement, long walks are an obvious necessity, can participate in races on the track (racing) and the field (coursing).


This is a medium sized dog of noble appearance, elegant, clean outlines, graceful, but also strong and very quick, watchful expression. The height at withers, male is 56 - 63.5 (ideal. 56) cm for females 53 to 61 (ideal. 53) cm.

The head should be carried high, long and dry when viewed from the side and from above, blunt wedge shape. The muzzle is slightly longer than the skull. Topline of skull must be in the imaginary extension when viewed from the side parallel to the muzzle. The skull is long, dry, properly shaped frontal slope may be slightly hinted, very gentle. The nose is always flesh colour, according to the colour of the outer coat.

Jaws are strong, teeth strong, square to the jaws. It is required a scissor bite. The eyes are a little deeper seated, oval in shape, colour darker or lighter amber according to the colour of the outer coat. The view is decisive, intelligent.

The earlobes are medium set, in the heat of passion always erect, very mobile, broad at the base, and a large fine. The neck should be long, lean, muscular, slightly arched in the nape.

The body must be flexible upper body lines should be nearly equal. Body frame is rectangular shortly. Croup is slightly sloping down to the tail. The tail should be at ease straight, hanging down, reaching the hock. In the motion, and in the heat of passion is carried high, curved in an arc. It should never be downloaded between the hind legs. Helically twisted tail is undesirable.

The chest must be deep, reaching the elbow. The ribs are well sprung. The abdomen is slightly tucked.

Limbs must run parallel to the median longitudinal vertical plane of the body. The forelegs are straight when viewed from the front or from the side parallel to each other. Shoulders should be long, strong back with sloping and oblique. Perfectly elbows close to the body, they must be turning neither in nor out. Pasterns are strong, powerful paws, bony and hard. They may not be either turned in nor out, paws outlier in stance or movement are highly undesirable. The pads should be flexible.

The hindquarters must be strong and muscular, viewed from behind parallel to each other. Knees should be fairly markedly angulated. Tibia should be well formed. Dewclaws must be removed.

The coat is short, glossy, thick, soft to moderately hard, never be longer. Colouration is light to dark reddish brown, the tip should be white. Front chest is a small white spot ( "Star"), white markings on your fingers and narrow white "blaze" is the middle of the forehead. Other white markings are highly undesirable.

Faults from the requirements of the standard shall be considered as defects and evaluate exactly according to the seriousness with regard to the health and welfare of the dog or bitch. Individuals exhibiting distinct anomalies physical or behaviour should be disqualified at the dog show.