Basenji Group V. - Spitz and primitive type, Section 6 - Primitive breeds.

General Appearance:

It is intelligent, lively, cheerful and playful, curious and watchful, totally separate and independent dog that is characterized by the ability to make quick decisions according to the situation. It gets dominant, clever, cunning .In any situation it tries to take all benefits for itself.

Temperament/ Behaviour:

It is not especially for beginners, owner may not understand it. Owner must understand typical characteristics of behaviour, later it can rebuke, and it could disrupt their relationship. It requires extensive early socialization and non-violent and gentle, but absolutely uncompromising, consistent training. It belongs only to the experienced owner who is endowed with the authority and ability to apply it none violently, negotiates with it completely and consistently endeavours to understand this breed.

It needs constant contact with the owner and   it cannot be permanently housed in an outdoor kennel. It is particularly suited to urban areas. Its behaviour is different from most breeds, e.g. it is cleaning by licking like a cat and it lacks any distinctive scent and barks (issued by other sounds - howls, growls, whines). It tends to be a "one-man dog." Positive relationship it has also the other members of the family, is not so intense. With children it is getting with on well, but they must be able to accustom them in early youth, and they must respect it. To strangers it is reserved and very suspicious, especially if you are doing too relaxed or even intensely, but cannot think of it.

If socialized, it gets with other dogs and other animals usually good, it is always, especially in males, extreme caution it   is necessary when males are together. In its usual behaviour persists certain unpredictability.

It needs a lot of exercise, regular daily long walks are necessary for a nice sunny weather, because it loves heat and drought. In winter or rainy weather favours shorter walks. It is advisable to have it still walk on a leash.


It is a lightly built, perfectly balanced dog bones slender, aristocratic expression with grace gazelle. The overall appearance underlines the stately neck-held high, proudly held head in proportion to body size long limbs. The height at withers, male is 43 cm, 40 cm for females. The ideal weight of body, male is about 11 kg for females of about 9.5 kg.

The head is described as flat, moderately wide skull which narrows. When upright earlobes are at the forefront as the cheeks numerous small wrinkles, it should not be too strong, may not be an obvious folds, they are also desirable. Puppies tend to be greater and more obvious, with tricolour coloured individuals, by contrast, optically they lose. The lateral lines of the skull toward the muzzle converge, making her cheeks to pass smoothly and continuously. The frontal slope is faintly outlined. Nose must be black. Strong jaws bite required a perfect, regular and complete scissor.

The eyes are slanted, almond-shaped and have a dark-coloured irises, their expression is almost impenetrable look heading into the distance. The earlobes should be erect, a shape resembling a hood (hood), small, delicate, pointed, set fairly well forward. Their tops are closer to the central longitudinal axis than the outer edges of the skull base.

The neck is adequately long, strong, should be well formed, the elegantly arched neck. The body must be balanced; back short, horizontal, loin should not be too long. The tail is set high before seating bumps on the pan, carried upward, once or twice elegantly just aft curled tightly attached to the upper part of one or the other thigh.

The chest should be deep, consisting of long, arched ribs. Belly tucked up and forms the lower edge of the chest clean, smooth bottom line of the body. The forelegs are straight with fine bone perpendicular to the substrate. Shoulders should be oblique, muscular but not "over muscled" (sideways bulging).

Elbows close to the chest and in front view are exactly at the level of the ribs. Forearm must be very long, wrists moving, the metatarsal right length to be equal.

The hindquarters are strong and muscular, knees slightly bent. Lower tight is long, ankle must be low over the treasure nor the convergent or divergent. Feet are required small, narrow, i.e. there are closed, thickly padded, well-formed fingers and short nails.

Coat short, sleek and close and it is very fine. Pure black and white; red and white; black and tan, and white with melon pips and tan markings on muzzle and cheeks; black; tan and white;

Brindle: red background with black stripes, the more clearly defined the stripes the better. The white should be on the feet, chest and tail tip. White legs, blaze and white collar is optional.

Faults from the requirements of the standard shall be considered as defects and evaluate exactly according to the seriousness with regard to the health and welfare of the male or female.