American Staffordshire terrier


American Staffordshire terrier Group III. - Terriers

General Appearance:

It's a typical extrovert, active, reacting to any stimulus, in any action very enthusiastic, cheerful and affectionate, courageous dog. It excels extraordinary perseverance, tenacity and vigilance. The owner and its family is completely devoted, it is always ready when necessary to defend its family. Its relationship with the children is very good, but as always, willing companion of their games is a suitable partner for the older ones because it has a tendency during play behave quite exuberant and could not on purpose hurt younger children (e.g. tumble).

Temperament & Behaviour:

It has a tendency to act dominantly to other dogs, but how you will act in this direction in adulthood depends mainly on education and the level of early socialization. It should be socialized at a very young age, and it must be systematically and persistently. Then it goes well with cats and other small animals, domestic animals (pets), including guinea pigs and rats.

It is intelligent and docile and quite happy to fulfil orders. But not in any case people who are outstanding, unsystematic, volatile, missing natural authority, even beginners who have no experience with training similar breeds.

It is an extremely physically strong dog, which must necessarily be controlled in all situations, so it is essential to train, the alpha and omega of a kind, but fierce training, prudence and patience must start immediately when you bring small puppy at home. The disobedient American Staffordshire Terrier-adult dog would be unpleasant, dangerous companion, with whom it would be risky to come away from home and on a leash. Also well managed individual should be free in fenced land.


This is a solid dog, compact body, muscular but elegant and moving, always with great interest by all the surrounding events. It should be stocky, never to be leggy and weak.

Height at withers and weight of body should be balanced to each other.

Preference is height at withers 46-48 cm in male and 43-46 cm female

The head is of medium length, full length when viewed from the deep (high), the skull should be broad, frontal slope (stop) sloping. Under the eyes fall steeply, the muzzle is moderately long, from the top (front) rounded.

The nose must be solid black, lips fitting to the jaw and teeth, should be at the edges straight and may never be free (overhang). The jaws are powerful, the bottom must be particularly strong, with a powerful bite. Requires a scissor bite, which means that upper teeth closely overlapping down teeth. Cheeks are due to massive chewing muscles and powerful zygomatic arches strongly curved to sides.

Eyes should be dark in colour, round in shape, stored deep in the eyehole and far apart. The edges of the eyelids may not be pink (unpigmented).
The earlobes are set high, can be cropped (only in countries where there is no act of law on protection of animals prohibited) or cropped - those are preferred. Uncropped should be short, semi-upright or folded back (forward banked). Suspended earlobes must be penalized.

The neck is of medium length, powerful, the neck slightly arched, without dewlap at the throat. From the shoulders towards the occipital skull tapers game. Topline of body from withers to tail gently sloping, back is fairly short loins are slightly arched.

The tail should be in proportion  short, low set, stretching into a fine tip and never at the end of the "ring" ( Ringed Tail) to be carried above the top line of the body or tail docking.

Chest deep and broad. Ribs are moderately sprung close together (intercostal spaces to be close), the last reach far back. The forequarters should be straight, strong bones, in attitude rather far apart, because the chest should be appropriately broad. Shoulder Blades are wide and strong, oblique, well-muscled and metatarsal (when viewed from the side) vertical to mount.

The hindquarters should be powerfully muscled, hocks low to the mount - may be either convergent or divergent. Feet should be of medium size, with well-knit and adequately arched toes. The movement should be light, not rocking, pacing is not acceptable.

The coat should be short, dense and stiff to the touch, gloss - it can be any colour, uniform, multi coloured or flecked with more than 80% of the body must be coloured white. Black and tan and liver brown colour does not prioritize (in liver brown coat colour, an individual for genetic reasons could never have a black nose, one would have to be chocolate brown). Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.