French Water Dog


French Water Dog Group VIII - Flushing, retrievers and water dogs.

General Appearance:

Character is a perfectly balanced, sociable, intelligent, always friendly, non-aggressive and incredibly hilarious dog than it dependents on its owner.
Thanks to its skill is well suited to many dog sports. French water dog is used for hunting water birds, especially feathered. It is not only retriever, but also it is seeking beasts that are hidden in the coastal vegetation, it points them, tracing and bringing all what was injured or killed. It works in any weather. It does not mind cold and it is ready to go to water anytime, it loves it, even if it is very cold.


It is docile and easy to train. Thanks to the coat it could stay all year in outdoor pen, but regard to the establishment of behavioural relationship to the owner and members of its family, it would have suffered mentally, so this method is not suitable.


French Water Dog is a medium sized dog of balanced proportions. The body length is more than height, so its body has a rectangular shape. Height at withers, male is 58 to 65 cm and female from 53 to 61 cm, with a tolerance of ± 1 cm.

Head thickly coated with hair, the hair of the skull must come up to the bridge of the nose. Beard on the muzzle is long and rich; it covers the entire bridge of the nose and is very dense. Skull above shall be rounded and wide. The frontal slope (stop) is significant. Muzzle should be played shorter than the skull. The muzzle is as wide nose. Nostrils should be wide open.

Lips are thick at the edges of fully pigmented, black or brown, completely covered by long hair. Jaws must be the same length, it requires a scissor bite. The teeth are large, powerful canines and a correct fitting to the jaw.

The eyes are round. Ears are set low, at eye level or slightly lower, long, flat, wide, covered by long hair. They stretched forward peacefully have their ends, including nose hair extend at least 5 cm. They own the edges of the ears while reaching across the mouth corners.

The neck is short and thick. The back is firm. The chest should be wide, large and deep so that it reaches to the elbows. Ribs are properly sprung, but not barrel bent.

The forelegs are oblique blades. The shoulder bones are strong and muscled forearms should be straight, strong bones, vertical to ground along the entire length covered with long hair.

The hindquarters are slightly slanted and shapely thighs. Hocks low over the base, properly bent, fetlocks vertical to ground. Feet are round, broad, covered with hair.
Loins are arched, short and strong. Croup is seen from the side rounded sloping and form a harmonious continuation of the line of the loin.

The tail should be set low and end forms a small adjoining hook. If the dog is in motion can be slightly raised and carried higher than the topline of the body.

Skin should be relatively thick, long hair, wavy, curly, can form tomentose cords and cords, dense, it covers the entire body and provides effective protection against dog winter and water. It modifies the way that suits the working dog use and care.

Colouration is uniformly black, grey, brown, tan, sand, white or more or less spotty. Shade of colour should be the same throughout the body. It is prefered dark brown coloured of iris.