Sinai Sloughi


Sinai Sloughi - Group X - Sighthounds, Section 3 Short-haired Sighthounds.

General Appearance:

It reminds developmentally a longhaired or shorthaired Persian Greyhound (Saluki) or Arabian Greyhound (Sloughi). It is introverted, very wary, distrustful to strangers but never aggressive. Its affection to owner it does not often show, even though it is strongly fixed on its owner.


It requires a lot of understanding and patience. It is not a breed for beginners, but even for experienced owners who are used to other breeds and they want to try their educational methods and adapt to different dog´ s character foundation. With this breed it is necessary to act under all circumstances kindly and gently, but with all the rigor and intransigence. With proper process involving the gradual systematic socialization (cautious and unequivocally nonviolent getting used to different quieter and busier environment, strangers and dogs) can grow up, quiet and easy to train a dog.


The format of the body is square. The head should be in the skull is relatively wide, even though in different types of its width varies. Dogs are always significantly wider than females. The bite should be scissors, black nose. The eyes are oval in shape with dark brown irises.

Chest should be very deep, formed appropriately sprung ribs which are clamped to a fixed sternum. Limbs are well bent, in position absolutely correct. Pelvic are in positions farther apart than the chest at a canter but their paws clearly closer to the median longitudinal vertical plane of the body.

The hair is coloured white, grey with a black mask on its face or fawn.