Braque saint-germain


Saint Germain Pointer - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1 - Pointing Continental Dogs.

General Appearance:

Character is balanced, friendly, affectionate and docile, intelligent and obedient. It is very easy socialized. If it is getting used to the cats and other small pets from an early age, it is  well-tolerated with them.


With appropriate approach and suitable methods it is easily trained. It learns quickly and tends to do all, but you cannot push this dog during training not to hurry. Also owner cannot use any harsh coercive methods even they are indeed needed, just kind consistency.

This is a hunting dog. It is mainly used for hunting game birds - hunts with passion pheasant, partridge, woodcock, but is also applicable to hunting furred. It willingly works in all terrains. Wild game it brings in the gentle pressing jaws.

It depends on humans very much it is, and therefore it suits this breed life in a family, in an outdoor kennel it is unhappy. It needs plenty of exercise and it is not enough only participation in the hunt once a week or even a month. Daily long walks are necessary.


This is a medium-sized dog quite strong skeleton and powerful muscle. Height at withers, male is from 56 to 62 cm and female is from 54 to 59 cm for especially high-quality individuals the tolerance of +2 cm.

Head viewed from the top is in line of the skull in the imaginary extension of the parallel or slightly diverging with the muzzle. The skull is slightly arched above, in the back of the shape of broken Gothic arch with a strong occipital part. The zygomatic arches are very prominent. The frontal slope (stop) is gradual.

Muzzle should be as long as the skull and is straight or slightly arched nasal bridge. The nose is large, wide open nostrils, dark pink colour. Lips are quite subtle and may not be on them any black spots. The upper lip covers the lower jaw completely. Strong jaws of equal length, big teeth, arranged in one continuous line, scissor bite is required. Black spots on the floor of the oral cavity are inadmissible.

Eyes should be properly open, relatively large, golden-yellow colour, properly stored in orbit not bulging or sunken. The view is nice and friendly. The earlobes are hanging, set at the level of the eye. Not too long and makes them visible longitudinal fold. They should be slightly retracted from the head and the ends rounded.

The neck should be muscular, rather long, the neck slightly arched. Very little throatiness is admissible. The back must be horizontal. Loins should be rather short, broad and strong, croup is slightly sloping. The tail should be deployed relatively low and does not exceed the level of its end hocks. It is thick at the base and to the tip tapers. Unlike most other short-hounds at it usually not reduced.

Chest should be long, deep and wide. Tip of the sternum forming the basis chest protrudes slightly when viewed from the front of the shoulder joint. The ribs are long and curved accordingly. Bottom chest rises when viewed from the side fluently into slightly tucked abdomen, flanks are short.

Bones of forelegs should be strong and muscular relief under the skin must be well defined. The blades are long and sloping as muscular as responsible dog moving mostly gallop. Shoulder bones should be slightly skewed. Forearm: Strong, muscular and vertical to ground, short pasterns when viewed from the side very slightly askew. Feet should be elongated, toes tight, nails very light, almost white, padded solid. The hindquarters should be viewed from the rear perpendicular to the substrate. Thighs should be long and very muscular, strongly muscled shin. Hocks are broad and must point directly backwards, nor the convergent or divergent. The hocks are short, perpendicular to the substrate and dry. Feet must be the same as the forequarters.

Skin is rather thin. Hair should be short, not too soft. Colouring must be white with orange patches or blond. A small number of dots of the same colour on a white background are permissible but undesirable. The earlobes are fawn-coloured or orange small amount of white on them is tolerated but undesirable.