Boston Terrier Group IX. - Companion and Toy Dogs

General Appearance:

It is intelligent, friendly and cheerful, playful and lively, which makes it an ideal companion dog. Definitely it does not miss its confidence and courage.  It is able to effectively defend itself and stand by, if it is needed, it defends its owner. It's never too stubborn or obstinate. It excels at great vitality, but also it is adaptable. It suits to the elderly people because it is never wild and it is happy with slower pace of walks.

Although it is loyal to owner, but it never becomes slavishly. It is also friendly to strangers, the children, other dogs and other domestic animals, pets  - cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, parrots, etc .. With children, it can play beautifully, but it is necessary explain to children to respect this breed. In no case it belongs in outdoor pens, urgently it needs the company and it can live in a small apartment, but it must not be locked in one room.

It requires a lot of love and attention by owner. It behaves very gently and it is grateful for every opportunity of close contact.

Temperament & Behaviour:

There is no special difficulty about training if it is guided gently, kindly, quite consistently and wisely. No one can ask it what it had never learned, even though it tried to do it.  In that case, owner must find mainly mistake by himself, not by the dog.

It is suitable for beginners. It is docile by nature, partly its docility and extreme sensitivity manifesting ability to react to rather small differences in the tone of the voice. It is not necessary to shout at it, this breed is very smart and it is able to recognize your mood. Not noisy, barking only when necessary.


This is a small but sturdy dog which must be neither thin nor fat. Height at withers  the current standard does not specify, but distinguishes three weight categories up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg), 15 to 20 lb (6.8 - 9 kg) and 20 to 25 lb (9 - 11.35 kg); However, in the Czech Republic, these categories are not treated separately at dog show.

Body is relatively short and compact, the limbs are reasonably strong, properly shaped. Their length must match the length of the body to maintain a square format body.

The skeleton should be adequately strong and well muscled bodies. Weight of body its structure must be mutually balanced.

Head corresponds to the size of the total size of an individual. The skull is square, flat on top and a steep face, without any skin wrinkles. The frontal slope (stop) should be clearly marked.

The eyes are large, round, dark-coloured iris, as far apart as possible stored in the orbit by the outer eye corners when viewed from the front with the cheeks. Their expression is attentive, friendly and intelligent, which is characteristic of the breed.

The earlobes are developed as far apart the sides of the head, a small, naturally erect or cropped (which is possible only if the procedure is not prohibited by law on protection of animals) so as to match the shape of his head.

The chest should be deep and wide.

Coat requires short, smooth, shiny, fine texture. Its colour can be brindle, black or so. Seal with white markings. The brindle coat colour is prefered, but only if they are in all other respects as good as their competitors with a different base colour coat. Necessary is a white stripe on the muzzle "band" between the eyes "blaze" from the front of the chest, "collar" on the neck, white forelegs distal part or all of the forelegs and hind legs below the hocks.

Faults include coarse or too cumbersome appearance, very narrow or wide nostrils, too visible sclera and conjunctiva, earlobes inadequate size dimensions of the head, excessively cheerful (upward) tail, weak limbs, sharply bent knees, non-compact (spread) paws and cradle walk called-paddling or "weaving" limbs.