Bull terrier Group III - Terriers, Section 3 - Bull Terrier.

General Appearance:

This breed is divided into two types according its size: standard and miniature. Both are characterized by tremendous joy, gaiety, humour and joking, almost uncontrollable temperament and boundless generosity. This breed is absolutely fearless, extremely courageous and brave, balanced, soulful, calm, and (with proper education) well controlled. Although Bull Terrier can be obstinate and if it is necessary appropriately tough, it is also extremely friendly to people. It loves the joyous atmosphere, any entertainment and the undeniable clown tendencies. But it also excels extraordinary sophistication, dedication and loyalty to the owner, whom is very fixed.

Temperament/ Behaviour:

It needs from an early age normal kind, but consistent training. Without that, and early socialization it can do just like any other breed, as spoiled and unruly behaviour. It would be something like an unguided missile. In the context of education it is necessary to focus primarily on superior manoeuvrability. Owner must keep under control each, even unpredictable situations.

In no event Bull Terrier should pull on a leash. Its force is in the relative low-positioned centre of gravity of the body such that even a very strong person would have hardly difficulties. Walking on a leash without pulling is therefore necessary to teach and learn as little puppy. Bull Terrier needs an owner who can at all times be the undisputed leader of the "pack", endowed with natural authority that is capable whenever peacefully exercise, kindly but quite relentlessly consistent, acting always consistently. The dog must in any case know exactly what it is.

When it has appropriately broad socialization and adequate education, it is an excellent companion. It is not dog for people-owners who are unreliable, rambling, unsystematic or even suffering from such inferiority complex that you have psychological problems to compensate for ownership of the dog which could be potentially dangerous.


It's a muscular dog, strong, harmonious construction, active, intelligent, determined and intelligent expression. Its dominant exterior sign is unique –down faced- head ovoid shape called "the gladiator of dog tribe" and has set no size limits or height at withers or weight of body , only a miniature it not may height at withers exceed 35.5 cm.

Always, however, it must have a max. Substance in relation to the condition and sex, it must never be weak. Irrespective of the total size must be for each individual always clearly expressed secondary sexual characteristic – male or female. Affiliations must be obvious at first look.

The head is long, strong and adequately deep to the end of the muzzle (nose), but it should never be coarse. When viewed from the front it has a ovoid shape and is in all parts completely filled, which means that on the surface no depressions or indentations. From the side a line extending from occipital area to tip of nose slightly curved (downwards curved) a smooth curve. The distance from tip of nose to the junction of the inner eye corners is slightly greater than the distance from this point to the top of the occipital area.

The muzzle should be slightly longer than the skull. This is the earlobes almost completely flat. Nasal bridge towards the nose bent down, forming called –down faced. The nose should be black nostrils properly open.

Lips may be dry, narrow. Lower jaw must be deep (high) and adequately strong. The teeth require healthy, clean and appropriately large. They should be evenly spaced in the jaws. Bite is perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, which means that six upper incisors just covers six down ones, both of which are in the jaws planted vertically.

The eyes appear to be narrow, angled triangular shape. They are sunken, black or brown - as dark as much as possible. They are characterized by shrill gloss. Stored should be so that the distance from the tip of the nose to the junction of the inner eye corners was significantly greater than the distance of a line from the inner eye corners of the occipital area. Blue or partly blue eyes are undesirable. Ears should be small, thin and placed close together (high). They should be firmly erect and pointing their tips straight up.

The neck is very muscular, long, from shoulder to its head tapers. The neck should be arched, the throat must be no loose skin (undesirable is a hint lobe). The body has a short and strong back. Topline body behind the withers should be equal. The loin is slightly arched, broad, well muscled. The tail is short, low and carried horizontally, the root has to be strong and tapers to a fine point.

The chest should be reasonably broad and deep, formed substantially arched ribs. The distance from the withers to the brisket should be relatively large, so the sternum is closer to the ground than belly. Seen from the front must have chest proper width. The bottom line of the body forms when viewed from the side graceful, from the sternum to the stern rising curve.

The forelegs should be very strong, strong bones circular cross section. They have to be each other perfectly parallel and dog or bitch to them must stand firm. For adults it corresponds to the length of the free part of the legs (from elbow to paw) about the depth of the chest. Shoulders strong and muscular without being overly muscled (sideways bulging). Shoulders should be wide, flat and fit snugly against the chest. They are distinctly oblique, their peaks upwards and backwards and the longitudinal axis form with (shoulder) bones in the shoulder joints almost right angles.

Paws are rounded, compact, with dramatically arched toes. The hindquarters should be viewed from behind parallel. Feet should be the same as the forequarters. The movement is smooth, very rich, male or female when it "covers a lot of land."

Step should be free, easy and typically agile. Also at the trot, the front and hind legs are parallel, galloping to their feet closer to the longitudinal vertical median plane of the body. Action forelegs is spacious (suitably elongated), hind legs moving smoothly at hip, and when appropriately flexible knees and hocks are rich source of forward driving forces (powerful reflection).

Skin tightly fitting to skeletal muscle and skin. The coat is short, smooth, contiguous, equal to the touch, hard, nice and shiny. In winter it can be developed fine, soft undercoat. White individuals must be coloured pure white, skin pigmentation and colour markings on head not to be penalized, dotting the white areas is not desirable. For coloured must colour predominate over white, all kinds of colour are equivalent annealed being preferred. Black colour with light brindle, yellow-red, roe red and tricolour conceded extremely undesirable is blue or liver.