Dalmatian -Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section 3 - Related breeds.

General Appearance:

It is helpful, friendly, fearless, and honest, always open minded dog. It is not shy or hesitant or nervous or aggressive. This very lively, playful, intelligent, affectionate, sociable and curious dog cannot miss anything that was going on.

In the outdoor kennel it would be bored and would have been unhappy, it cannot therefore be housed permanently there. It is the happiest if it can still live with "its" people, and be an integral part of the "pack". With children, it gets well .To the strange dogs, cats it needs to be accustomed from an early puppy age.

It requires a lot of movement (long walks), and can be relentless. If it is perfectly recalled , it  may not be on a leash, it does not tend to search  deer, because it does not show any  hunting abilities today. Its physical and mental skills, they   demand a variety of dog sports (agility, frisbee, flyball, etc.).


Education must be sweet, but totally consistent. It learns quite easily, but it does not want it cannot see and hear. Sometimes it can cause callous attitude of the owner, e.g. when it wants something what owner not might teach the dog, but owner did not teach properly. Then of course there is not problem of dog but owner´s.

With hardness in such a situation nobody can do anything about it, it can only seriously and irreparably damage its relationship with owner and lost its trust. Any discrepancies owner must deal always with caution and calm, owner must solve by good word agreement. If the spoken voice with good intonation accusingly, owner can handle more than any force option. The main goal of education it should be disciplined.


This is a strong, muscular and active dog strikingly spotted coat colour, perfectly balanced, symmetrical physique without the slightest signs of coarseness and lumber. As a former coach dog it must be very hardy and fast. The length of the body has to be to height at withers 10:9, the format of the body is short rectangular. Height at withers, male is from 56 to 61 cm and female is from 54 to 59 cm. Weight of body, male is from 27 to 32 kg , female is  24-29 kg .

Nose must be black in the black spotted and brown in liver spotted dogs. Jaws must be strong with perfect and regular scissor bite, which means that upper teeth closely overlapping down teeth, both of which are planted in the jaws. Full dentition is desirable, i.e. a set of 42 teeth formula (2 times / The teeth are white, properly shaped.

Eyes should be stored slightly further apart and are of medium size, round, bright and sparkling, intelligent and lively expression. The colour of the iris is dark brown with black spots or light brown to amber in liver spotted dogs. The edges of the eyelids fit close to the eyeballs and the deep black of the black spots or dark brown in the liver spotted dogs and bitches.

The earlobes are set rather high, of medium size, rather wide at the base, and just hanging close to the head. It is gradually narrowing from the base to the rounded peaks. They should be soft by the touch, appropriately coloured, preferably spotted.

Tail reaches approximately to the hock. It is thick at the base, evenly tapering towards the tip. It must never be rude and should not be set too high or too low. In repose hanging down and the last third of the length is slightly curved upward, the motion is carried higher slightly above the topline of the body, but never fully erect or curled into a circle. Dotting on it is considered desirable.

The chest should not be too wide, but quite deep and capacious. It should reach to the elbows. Forechest when viewed from the side clearly protruding front edge of the shoulder joint.

Coat is short, shiny, hard and dense all over the body .The ground colour is pure white. Black spotted variety with black spots, liver spotted variety with brown spots. The spots should be symmetrically placed all over the body, clearly defined and without intermingling into the white ground colour. The size of the spots should preferably be even, with a size of 2 – 3 cm in diameter. In the brown variety the spots are a little smaller, around 2 cm. Thespots on the head and on the legs should be proportional smaller than on the rest of the body. It is desirable the tail is spotted too, with spots also proportional smaller than those on the body. Splashes on the body are not desirable and should be penalised. The spots must not intermingle, i.e. forming large patches. Patches and coloured areas are not desirable. The spots on the ears should be especially noted. Desirable is dotted drawing (in German language "Gepunkt"), not pied (in German language "Gefleckt").

To negative defects includes significant fear or aggression, distinct overshot or undershot jaw, ectropion or entropion, very bright (whitish called  Porcelain, glass) or blue eyes, eyes with multicoloured irises, deafness, large circumscribed spot ( "Stage") around the eye or elsewhere on the body, tricolour colour, lemon yellow or orange dots.