Griffon Belge


Griffon Belge Group IX. - Companion and Toy dogs, Section: Small Belgian Dogs

General Appearance:

It is a very intelligent dog, attentive, playful, proud and serene, very vigilant and faithful to its owner. It is also curious and creative, kind, sensitive and very sensitive, it loves its family.

Its behaviour is usually calm and deliberate. It is never timid, aggressive, hyperactive or intrusive. It is an excellent companion for an older owner. It is perfect because its size and coat for urban apartments.

Temperament & Behaviour:

The training must be kind, no need to shout at it - it can recognize and understand well, intonation is enough for it. It must be praise and chasten clearly. Although it is small, reliably fulfils the role of watchdog. It never misses anybody, each report carefully barking, but you cannot say that it is noisy dog.


This is a small dog a balanced, robust built, almost square body frame, fixed frame and elegant movements, look of the total habit pony. Impression condition to relatively large head too short, and thanks to strong hair, limbs. It attracts particular attention to its almost human expression.

The length of the body from the front edge of the shoulder to point of buttock in the pan should preferably be the same as height at withers. Weight of body is about 3.5 - 6 kg. The head is the most characteristic and the most striking parts of the body. It should be quite large compared with the body and the hair on it is rough, upstanding, make a rich moustache and beard. It also emphasizes the visual appearance of the "big head". The skull should be wide and rounded, arched brow properly.

Nose from the front at the same level as the eyes must be black, broad, with properly open nostrils. Its tip must be so far behind it when viewed from the side flush with the chin and forehead.

Lips are on the edges of black, tight, close fitting to the jaws and teeth. No overhanging upper and lower overlap. If too loose, disrupting the desired expression. The lower jaw is longer than the top (undershot jaw physiological), directed slightly upward, wide at the top and cannot be pointed. Its width is very important as protruding chin. Incisors in both jaws to be regularly arranged in one row, wherein the top and bottom are parallel. No incisors must not be missed. If the mouth is closed, cannot be seen neither teeth nor tongue.

Eyes should be stored far apart, large and round, never shall not be prominent. The iris is brown colour, the darker the better. The eyelid rims should be black. The defect is considered the eyes small, oval shape and bright colours.

Back straight, short, strong. The tail should be set high and carried. When docked, should be reduced by 2/3 of its original length. If the law on animal protection prohibits cuts may remain undocked. When undocked, be carried high, curved so that its tip bent to the back, not touch back or cannot be twisted. Inbred short, kinked or curled tail is considered a severe fault.

Griffons have rough coat with undercoat. Setae are rough, slightly wavy, but not curly. The coat governs, but in order to be properly evaluated its structure must be long enough. Too long hair obscured the typical silhouette and is therefore it is not acceptable. A silky or woolly coat is evaluated as a serious fault. Brabancon is short, his hair is thick, tight-fitting, shiny, max. 2cm.