Portuguese pointing dog


Portuguese pointing dog - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1 - Continental Pointing Dogs.

General Appearance:

Its character is a gentle, good-natured and well controlled, socially based and docile hound. It loves its owner and superbly well with children. It likes to cuddle.


During its education and training must not under any circumstances use any coercive or hard methods, it would lead to its betrayed even complete mental destruction. When there is the kind of consistency and appropriately sensitive approach with its upbringing and with the necessary basic knowledge of training too even a beginner can handle. It can be easily trained and bringing for wild game, retrieving willingly with joy. When hunting it is a powerful, industrious and reliable, durable, lively and persistent. Thanks to the intelligence and willingness cooperates closely with the hunter. Its reward is the owner´s pleasure. It is willing to work for diverse terrain and climatic conditions.


This is a medium sized dog, whose physique is harmonious, proportionally balanced, strong, but indicative of considerable agility and mobility. Height at withers, male is 56 cm in female is 52 cm at tolerance of ± 4 cm for both sexes. The average weight of body is for an adult dog   from 20 to 27 kg, the adult female is from 16 to 22 kg.

Head size is proportional to the size of the individual, but it looks pretty big. It should be quite powerful, but gentle. Seen from the front must be square when viewed from the side, the contour lines straight. The skin on it, it is fine, loose, but it does not form any creases or wrinkles. Skull should be viewed from the front above almost flat, high, wide and symmetrical when viewed from the side, slightly arched barely distinct occipital part and performers, not too rough, bony ridges. The frontal slope (stop) is significantly sloping.

The muzzle is slightly shorter than the skull, and has a flat and a full length fairly broad, flat nasal bridge. The nose is large, wide open nostrils, for individuals chamois colour must be black, with brown-coloured to be light or dark maroon, lighter than the coat.

The mouth is reasonably wide. The oral mucosa is irregularly pigmented. The upper lip is suspended, but not excessively loose (baggy), but when mouth closed completely covers the lower lip. It should not be too thick, and when viewed from the side adds muzzle angular shape. Jaw at each other must accurately fit and teeth should be complete, scissor bite.

Eyes pointing straight forward, they must be equally large, symmetrical, oval-shaped, with a horizontal line joining the outer and inner corners. They may not be sunken or bulging, preferred dark. Eyelids are thin, easily movable, and well fitted to the eyeball. The edges should be in accordance with the colour of nose black or brown pigmentation. The earlobes are to be suspended, roughly triangular in shape, with bases wider than on the tops. They must be thin, soft, covered with soft, thick and short hair, symmetrically mounted, set high and flat against the head.

The neck is straight, in the upper third slightly arched. Never to be too fat, but it has to be long enough, with moderate dewlap. Merges smoothly into the head and shoulders, making them form a unified whole. Withers are high, dryly muscled. The back should be short and merges smoothly into the loin. The loin is short, appropriately broad, powerfully muscled, slightly arched and tightly joined to the rump. This corresponds to spread loins, and when viewed from the side, slightly sloping.

The tail should be reasonably high, carried horizontally and form a straight line of the croup. The last third is docked. Unabridged does not exceed the level of the hocks, it is better if the hock or below. The rest is suspended, but not downloaded the hindquarters. Movements rise to the level of the topline of the body or even above it, but they may never be fully erect or curved sickle.

Chest deep and wide, spacious, rather deeper and longer than wide, on the imaginary cross-section has roughly the shape of a horseshoe. The bottom line of the body rises slightly from the end of the chest towards the rear to adequately bulky belly. The distance from the last rib to the hip must be short. The flanks are filled.

The position should be the forelegs when viewed from the front and sides vertical to ground. Elbows are strong, relatively low over the base and must not deviate in or out. The hindquarters should be viewed from behind vertical to ground when viewed from the side, the back line of thigh, lower leg and Achilles tendon pronounced or less pronounced curve. The knees are slightly bent, protrude slightly forward and may be slightly outwards. Hocks are moderately angulated, strong, broad and strong, insteps short, vertical to the ground, almost cylindrical, dry, both equally strong. Paws and hind legs must be proportionate to the size and length of leg strength. They are circular rather than an elongated, but not as a cat.

The hair must be short, dense, perfectly adjacent, but not too soft. It's the same all over the body except the armpits, groin, around the anus and genitals, which may be thinner and softer. The hair on the head, especially on the ear lobe, should be short and fine, soft to the touch, the leathers velvet. Undercoat is missing. Coat colour is yellow or brown, uniform or with white spots.