American Bobtail

American Bobtail
FIFe abbreviation:
Place of Origin:
A natural breed
Breed type:
Shorthaired to semi-longhaired cat
Body type:
Robust, muscular
3 - 7 kg
Colour variety:
All colour varieties

History: The American Bobtail breed is originated from mutations that occurred among several American domestic cats. Its origin is very unclear. It heads to Arizona, where a short-tailed boy was found. After having been matted with a domestic cat, all litter kittens had a characteristic short tail. By the Japanese Bobtail is a gene that causes a short tail recessive, by American Bobtail is the dominant gene. The CFA and TICA organizations recognized the breed of American Bobtail in 1989. In Europe, FIFe is still not recognized that.

Nature: These are friendly cats with a calm nature. They can cope well with other cats and dogs, and they are also suitable for children. They are social cats that do not like staying alone. They like to play and they are quite active. They often close a confidential relationship with their man, but they can be reserved to foreigners.

Body: Medium to large body of American Bobtail is robust and muscular. It may take about three years to be completely mature. The legs are medium length, with the rear legs longer than the front. The big paws have a round shape. The length and shape of the tail is very variable - from almost completely missing tail to almost half tail. Medium-sized ears are erect and turned forward. The deep-set eyes are large and have an almond-shaped shape.

Coat: American Bobtail hair is double and weatherproof. It can be both short and long. It is dense and by touching is smooth. The coat   is harder, the lower layer is dense and soft.

Care: There is no need for too much care for both possible lengths of American Bobtail hair. Out of season, it is enough to brush the coat once a week. For a short-haired variety, you can polish the coat with a suede cloth to get its gloss. The semi-long-haired variety does not tend to get tangled, so care is the same.

Colour variety: All colour variations are permitted for American Bobtail. Most often it occurs in various patterns. The colour of the eyes corresponds to the colour of the coat.